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Postbox 5.0.7

Postbox released version 5.0.6 of its eponymous email client with support for emoticons in HTML messages and added image effects, including scaling, float, margins, frames, and effects (such as greyscale, retro, sepia, and vintage). The update also fixes an issue that would cause icons in the Attachment panel to size incorrectly and resolves a bug that could cause the license to reset. It also adds support for macOS share sheets via the free macOS Sharing add-on. Shortly after this release, Postbox was updated to version 5.0.7 to address an issue with the Enigmail encryption add-on. The price of Postbox has risen to $40 (up from $15 for version 4.0), though version 5 is still on sale for $32 for a limited time. ($40 new, upgrade pricing available, 30.2 MB, release notes, 10.10+)


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Comments about Postbox 5.0.7
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Doug Lerner  2016-11-25 03:48
I've been trying the new Postbox over the last few days, since it is on sale.

There doesn't seem to be a way of annotating pasted images when composing emails, is there? In you can add arrows and text, etc.

Most of the Gmail shortcuts seem to work well, which is convenient though.

But it's hard to tell about some things, even after spending a long time searching documentation.

There are no support forums anywhere. Now you can email support, which is better than the situation before. But I've been waiting a couple of days now for responses, so it's hard to proceed. It would be nice to talk with other users.

I'm not exactly sure about the "why Postbox" still. I ran into some issues just before while trying to send replies (formatting got strange) and so for now I've returned to

If anybody has any hints as to why this is worth spending more time on please let me know. I'm always looking for a better Mail solution. :)

Doug Lerner  2016-11-25 20:00
Since Postbox is on sale through Monday and there is a new version 5 I thought I'd give it a test.

I guess after trying it for a few days I can't really see a "why" for purchasing it and using it instead of Apple Mail. At least not yet.

Anybody else here use Postbox and have any enthusiastic things to point out about it?

It works "ok" I guess. It doesn't have a feature to annotate pasted images like Apple Mail does, and I use that frequently to do things like add arrows to screenshots I send clients.

Also, some mails with pasted images show up fine in Apple Mail but look like broken images in Postbox.

And trackpad gestures don't seem to work.

While they have included support now, there are no user-to-user forums, so you have to wait quite a while to hear back if you have technical questions.

It's not a bad app, and has some features Apple Mail doesn't have, like built-in support for Gmail shortcuts, which I like.

But overall I don't see the purpose of it yet, and in some respects Apple Mail works better. Apple Mail certainly looks better.
Doug Lerner  2016-11-27 20:55
I'm stymied for now, because of a lack of support forums, slow responses from official support and apparent issues with pasted images. Since I'm not going to receive the feedback from Postbox I need to make a decision before the current discount expires I guess I'll just go ahead and remove Postbox for now. Maybe I'll check again later sometime if there are upgrades and a better system of obtaining support.