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Become a TidBITS Member to Keep the Content Coming

by Adam C. Engst

Over the past 26 years, you’ve been able to depend on us to publish TidBITS regularly: 1348 weeks so far. Whether that means you scan the issue in your email on Monday night or follow along as we post on our Web site throughout the week, you’ve probably read hundreds or even thousands of TidBITS articles. As 2017 approaches, we need your help [1] to keep that content coming. Huge thanks to our current TidBITS members, and if you’re in that group, watch your email for renewal reminders.

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For the rest of you, we’re a mom-and-pop company, with no deep corporate pockets behind us, so when you join 2700 other TidBITS members [3], you’ll make it possible for us to publish useful articles that:

When you join the TidBITS membership program, we’ll also provide a slate of additional perks [16], including:

You can choose among five different levels of annual support: $20, $50, $100, $250, and $1000. Each level defaults to a manual renewal, but if you don’t want to fuss with the cart each year, an automatic renewal option is available. The membership perks are the same at each level, with one exception: the $1000 Angel level is a lifetime membership that includes a fine dinner with Tonya and me if you’re in Ithaca or we’re in your city. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting a few of our Angel-level supporters in person, most recently at the MacTech Conference a few weeks ago.

If you wish, we’ll acknowledge your membership on the site in the TidBITS Members list [17] and with an apple icon next to your comments. You can control your acknowledgment status, name, and URL on the Account Info [18] page. That page also lists your membership status and expiration date, and if our system ever stops email delivery due to an overenthusiastic spam filter or a flaky ISP, you can restart delivery with a single click there. Remember that should email delivery ever fail, you can get our system to resend back issues — see “Resend TidBITS Issues to Yourself [19]” (8 March 2013).

If you’ve found TidBITS valuable over the years you’ve been reading it for free, or have received personal tech support from one of our contributors simply because you asked, please become a TidBITS member [20] to help us continue. You’ll have our undying gratitude, and more importantly, you can rest assured that every article you read was made possible in some small part by your generosity. Thank you!