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Quicken 2017 for Mac 4.4.1

Quicken Inc. has released version 4.4.1 of its Quicken 2017 for Mac financial management app with a handful of new features and enhancements. The update adds a basic auto-backup feature (the top user request) that backs up files to a designated location after quitting the app and stores up to five versions at a time. The release also refines the behavior of the register status icons, adds a blue dot next to all accounts on the sidebar that have new transactions after updating connected accounts, merges dividend and buy transactions into a single reinvested dividend transaction (to match the behavior in Quicken Windows), adds the capability to Export or Copy the comparison and summary reports to a spreadsheet, fixes a bug that caused some payee names to appear abridged or truncated, and resolves several crashes. Regularly priced $74.99, Quicken 2017 for Mac is on sale for $44.99 through 3 January 2017. ($74.99 new from Quicken Web site and Mac App Store, free update from Quicken 2017, release notes, 10.10+)


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David Laffitte  2017-01-02 09:17
The first time I reconciled a checking account it functionally ignored the "use statement value" and acted a bit quirky. It looks like the reporting is finally catching up with the 2007 version.
I just finished evaluating a number of finance apps as I needed to replace MoneyDance as my file size was becoming unmanageable and risky to use as Infinite Kind does not provide a method to archive old transactions and start a new year, other than starting from scratch. I looked at Quicken but aside from the special price, a version with full options cost $250 the first year and likey over $200 each year after when factoring in continuing subscriptions a the likely cost for a yearly major upgrade. I just want to buy and use the app, rather than investing in the company!
Steve Nicholson  2017-01-02 23:51
Are you talking about Quicken or Quickbooks? I don't see anywhere that says Quicken costs $250.
I agree. He must be talking about Quickbooks. I use Quicken and it is much much cheaper. And there is no obligation to update yearly either. I think once every 3-4 yrs you need to update to maintain the dial-in service to your banks, that's all. It's inexpensive.
Potential first time QuickenMac buyer here.
Q: I manage 6 different (very) small checking accounts, & 1 CD & 1 IRA.

The checking accts incl 3 personal, 1 small business acct w/ a variety of sub "businesses", 1 small NFP, & 1 small low income/seniors apartment building.

5 of the latter 6 accounts have few monthly transactions; the building makes 1-2 deposits total of 10 checks / month, & pays approx 1/2 dozen bills a month.

I used Quicken years ago working for someone else who had 3 accounts, & I remember it was manageable.

Right now can't justify buying Quickbooks & the annual re-subscptions.

I also have access to an old Windows 7 PC, but would really like to get at my data remotely w my iPhone if possible.

Finally, reporting / exports to excel format would be helpful with the apt. building for required annual CPA reports.

My wife tried Express Accounts & it was a PITA.

Any ideas if QuickenMac2017 will work for me? Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions.
Tom Pierce  2017-01-18 11:10
Perhaps. Quickbooks is more of what you want.

IF you used two separate files for your different transactions. One for personal and one for business. Of course if you are mixing your personal checking with your business checking then the answer is "no".

You'd need separate accounts at your financial institutions to likely be able to use QuckenforMac. But you still won't like the non-business reporting that you'd get in quickenbooks.
jrksk3  2017-02-18 01:02