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Microsoft Office 2016 15.32

Microsoft has issued version 15.32 of its Office 2016 application suite, adding the support for the Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro that was missing from Outlook in the previous update (see “Microsoft Office 2016 15.31,” 16 February 2017). The update also brings a Translator add-in to Outlook that enables you to translate email from 60 languages without leaving the app — see this Office support document for more information. The release also patches some security vulnerabilities for Excel, including memory corruption issues that could allow remote attackers to obtain sensitive information or cause a denial of service. ($149.99 for one-time purchase, free update through Microsoft AutoUpdate, release notes, 10.10+)


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Comments about Microsoft Office 2016 15.32
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Peter T  2017-03-19 23:37
A few months ago a Microsoft Office update broke Word on my machine (2009 MBP running Yosemite, it won't handle Sierra). Word would open but documents would not. It took me a long time to investigate and then to downgrade to the previous version (15.28), which I'm still using because I've been afraid to update again. (Given a choice I prefer to work in Pages but extensive use of Word is unavoidable for collaboration with others.)

I'm wondering if anyone who might have had a similar experience, or is running a similar system, can reassure me that more recent Office updates have solved whatever that problem was.

Peter T.
David Laffitte  2017-03-21 06:23
We put Office 2016 on both our iMac and Macbook. It didn't work well on either one (Word crashed on quit), so we pulled it and went back to 2011.
Charlie Hartley  2017-04-01 17:09
I need some advice. I find that I'm going to have to use Word and Excel occasionally to meet someone else's needs, and I have neither on my MBP running Sierra. In both cases, I'm being sent files already formatted, and I just need to fill in appropriate information. I've tried using Pages and Numbers, but they just don't quite do the trick. Can someone suggest what I should get (and where)? Thanks.