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BusyCal 2/Google Calendar Users Should Upgrade

by Adam C. Engst

We’re fans of BusyCal [1], the replacement for Apple’s Calendar app from BusyMac. The company has announced that on 20 April 2017, Google will no longer allow apps to sign in to Google Calendar using “web-views,” basically embedded mini-browsers. Instead, all apps will have to send sign-in requests out to a full Web browser.

This change doesn’t affect the current BusyCal 3, but it will prevent the older BusyCal 2 from connecting to Google Calendar entirely. There are three possibilities for those still using BusyCal 2:

The upgrade to BusyCal 3 costs $29.99 for existing customers, or, if you purchased BusyCal 2 after 1 March 2016, the upgrade is free. BusyMac provides full instructions [2] on how to get the upgrade pricing and perform the upgrade. BusyCal 3 requires 10.11 El Capitan or later.

BusyCal 3 improves on BusyCal 2 in numerous ways, including:

See “BusyCal Updates Mac Calendar Alternative, Expands to iOS [3]” (1 July 2016) for more on what BusyCal 3 has to offer.