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Open Files with Finder's App Switcher

Say you're in the Finder looking at a file and you want to open it with an application that's already running but which doesn't own that particular document. How? Switch to that app and choose File > Open? Too many steps. Choose Open With from the file's contextual menu? Takes too long, and the app might not be listed. Drag the file to the Dock and drop it onto the app's icon? The icon might be hard to find; worse, you might miss.

In Leopard there's a new solution: use the Command-Tab switcher. Yes, the Command-Tab switcher accepts drag-and-drop! The gesture required is a bit tricky. Start dragging the file in the Finder: move the file, but don't let up on the mouse button. With your other hand, press Command-Tab to summon the switcher, and don't let up on the Command key. Drag the file onto the application's icon in the switcher and let go of the mouse. (Now you can let go of the Command key too.) Extra tip: If you switch to the app beforehand, its icon in the Command-Tab switcher will be easy to find; it will be first (or second).

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TidBITS Staffers Honored in 2007 MacTech 25

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Congratulations to my fellow TidBITS staffers - Adam Engst, Tonya Engst, Glenn Fleishman, Joe Kissell, and Matt Neuburg - who were included on the now-annual MacTech 25 list of most influential people in the Macintosh technical community (see "Adam & Tonya Engst Honored in MacTech 25," 2006-07-17). Although Adam regularly places high on lists like this one and the MDJ Power 25, along with being named one of MacDirectory's "top ten visionaries articulating the spirit of the Macintosh community," it's particularly pleasing to see other members of TidBITS being similarly recognized for their contributions to the Mac community via TidBITS and Take Control. Other groups we work with receiving significant representation on the list include Macworld, Peachpit Press, and MacNotables.

Recognition should of course go to all the other people on the MacTech 25 list this year, many of whom are developers and heads of influential Macintosh software companies. Without further ado, then, here is the full list.

  • Aaron Hillegass: Founder of Big Nerd Ranch; author of Cocoa programming books such as "Cocoa Programming for Mac OS X"
  • Adam and Tonya Engst: Publisher and Editor in Chief of TidBITS and Take Control Books, and members of the MacNotables podcasting group. Adam is also Senior Contributor at Macworld and author of numerous books about Macintosh and Internet topics.
  • Allan Odgaard: Developer of TextMate
  • Amit Singh: Head of Macintosh Development at Google; author of "Mac OS X Internals"
  • Andrew Welch: CEO of Ambrosia Software; long-time shareware developer
  • Andy Ihnatko: Author of Mac books, journalist (for the Chicago Sun-Times, Macworld, Macworld UK, and The Mac Observer), and member of MacNotables
  • Ben Wilson: Chief Editor of MacFixIt
  • Brent Simmons: Developer of NetNewsWire
  • Chris Breen: Senior Editor at Macworld, author of iPod books, and member of MacNotables
  • Daniel Jalkut: Developer and head of Red Sweater Software
  • Dave Nanian: Developer of SuperDuper and head of Shirt Pocket Software
  • Glenn Fleishman: TidBITS contributing editor, Seattle Times columnist, Take Control author, and the principal behind Wi-Fi Networking News.
  • Gus Mueller: Developer of VoodooPad and head of utility company Flying Meat
  • Joe Kissell: Senior Editor at TidBITS, author of numerous Take Control books, and head of the Internet publishing company alt concepts
  • John Gruber: Writer of the Daring Fireball blog; creator of the Markdown format and text-to-HTML conversion tool
  • John Siracusa: Apple Technology Specialist at Ars Technica
  • Jonathan 'Wolf' Rentzsch: Developer, writer, and organizer of the C4 developer conference
  • Matt Neuburg: TidBITS contributing editor, author of AppleScript and Frontier books, Take Control author, and Macintosh developer
  • Paul Kafasis: CEO/Lackey of audio developer Rogue Amoeba Software
  • Philip Dow: Developer of Journler notebook and information manager software
  • Ric Ford: Head of MacInTouch
  • Rob Griffiths: Author, columnist for Macworld, and editor of the Mac OS X Hints site
  • Scott Stevenson: Creator of numerous sites devoted to Mac OS X programming, including Cocoa Dev Central
  • Ted Landau: Author of best-selling troubleshooting books, founder of MacFixIt, Senior Contributor at Macworld, and member of MacNotables
  • Wil Shipley: Developer of Delicious Library and head of Delicious Monster


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