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VMware Posts Fusion Release Candidate, Announces Final Pricing

by Joe Kissell

VMware last week posted the first release candidate [1] for Fusion, their software for running Windows on Intel-based Macs. This version includes improvements to Unity, a mode in which Windows applications can run side-by-side with Mac applications, rather than in a separate Windows window. Unity now supports drag-and-drop, offers a menu of Windows applications in the Fusion Dock icon, works with more versions of Windows, and features several other improvements. Release Candidate 1 also provides better keyboard support, including the option to use Control-click with a one-button mouse to produce a right click in Windows. Other improvements include better performance for Boot Camp-based virtual machines, new memory optimization options, and a variety of bug fixes. Fusion RC 1 is a 160 MB download.

VMware has announced that Fusion will retail for $79.99 when it ships by the end of August. Customers who pre-order it [2] before the final release get a 50 percent discount.