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iPhone 1.1.4 Update Preps for SDK?

by Adam C. Engst

Apple has released a 1.1.4 update for both the iPhone and iPod touch with absolutely no details on what changed, although users of the iPhone Atlas site are reporting improved signal strength [1] in some cases, a fix to incorrectly ordered SMS messages [2], fixes to Bluetooth problems [3] introduced in 1.1.3, and a fix for sent email disappearing into the ether.

Our suspicion is that the 1.1.4 update may also contain some foundation work to ready the iPhone and iPod touch for the upcoming software development kit announcement scheduled for 06-Mar-08. According to rumors reported by iLounge [4], we'll see only a beta of the SDK later this week, with the final release scheduled for Apple's World Wide Developer Conference later in 2008.