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AT&T Offers Free Wi-Fi for iPhone, for Real This Time

by Jeff Carlson

AT&T is now providing free wireless Internet access [1] to its iPhone-owning customers at the company's hotspot locations, which include thousands of Starbucks [2] cafes, McDonald's restaurants, hotels, airports, and more. News of this service appeared briefly earlier in the year on AT&T's Web site and was then taken down (see "iPhone Roundup: AT&T Wi-Fi, Out of Stock, International Carriers [3]," 2008-05-10). iPhone owners are also being notified by text message, so it's not likely an inadvertent posting error this time.

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AT&T's Wi-Fi service typically costs $20 per month, but access is free for many business, DSL, and fiber customers. In participating Starbucks stores, connecting to the in-store Wi-Fi network makes a special Starbucks category appear in the iPhone's iTunes Store app for purchasing music (which requires a Wi-Fi connection).

To use the service from an iPhone [5], go to the Settings app, select "attwifi" from the list of available networks, and enter your 10-digit mobile number. After agreeing to the Acceptable Use Policy, AT&T will send a free text message containing a secure link that's valid for 24 hours at that location.