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Open Files from BBEdit Subversion Log

When you use BBEdit's Subversion client capabilities to update the working copy of your Subversion repository, BBEdit always displays the Subversion.log file, showing any changes. If you want to work on one of the files that appears as being added or updated, just select the full pathname and choose File > Open Selection (or just hit Command-D). This trick should also work any time you see a pathname within a BBEdit document.



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Overcome Password Frustrations with “Take Control of Your Passwords”

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Do you find juggling Web site usernames and passwords frustrating? I know I do, thanks to having over 300 Web accounts, accumulated over a decade or more. During that time, the recommendations for secure passwords have changed significantly, and both the likelihood of problems and the liability of having accounts compromised have increased radically. It’s maddening, and, honestly, a bit scary, especially after the high-profile hacking of Wired writer Mat Honan last year (“Watch TidBITS Presents “Protecting Your Digital Life”,” 22 August 2012), coupled with password thefts from the likes of Yahoo, Twitter, and Facebook.

Luckily, Joe Kissell is on the case, and his latest ebook, the 88-page “Take Control of Your Passwords,” calmly offers a secure, reliable strategy that you can apply with a minimum of fuss. But rather than write more about it here, we wanted to have some fun, so we commissioned our friends Snaggy and Nitrozac of the Joy of Tech to create a special “Joe of Tech” comic (click it to expand).

Even better (if anything could be better than a Joe of Tech comic!), Joe put together this short intro video — it provides a humorous look at the problems Joe helps you solve in “Take Control of Your Passwords.” Well, unless you’re using a Commodore 64.

Lastly, in a reprise of something we did with the 2003 release of our first title, Joe’s “Take Control of Upgrading to Panther,” if you find this ebook helpful, write to us about your experiences — for example, how you overcame bad password habits or solved a challenging password problem. (If you want to include a photo of yourself, perhaps with a cranky “uncle” you’ve helped out with advice from the book, feel free!) We’ll post the most interesting and creative responses on the Take Control Web site, and once a month (for the first 3 months after publication) Joe will pick his favorite story and send the lucky reader a batch of his famous homemade chocolate chip cookies. Photos and testimonials about the cookies are also welcome, of course!


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Comments about Overcome Password Frustrations with “Take Control of Your Passwords”
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Kevan Pegley  An apple icon for a TidBITS Supporter 2013-02-27 15:13
Not a comment on the subject of the email, but on the email itself: it contains a message saying "Blocked Plug-in". I assume that the embedded video uses Flash.

Is there no way of putting video in an email without having to resort to Flash? Since upgrading to Mountain Lion I have avoided installing a Flash plug-in (on the advice, as far as I can recall, of a TidBITS correspondent). When I need to view a website that uses Flash, I just switch to Chrome, with its built-in Flash decoder.

Unfortunately I can't do this with an email.

Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2013-02-27 15:21
Yes, it must be that. The video is from YouTube, and while YouTube switches seamlessly between Flash and HTML5 in Web browsers, it doesn't sound like it's possible to do that in Mail (or whatever client you're using).

In this case, both this page and the book's page also have the video on them, and will switch between Flash and HTML5 as necessary.

Sorry for the fuss!
Kevan Pegley  An apple icon for a TidBITS Supporter 2013-02-27 16:18
No problem. Just thought you might be interested in this Flash issue. Yes, I do use Mail by the way.