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WinterFest 2014 Sale on Key Writing Tools

This time of year brings with it thoughts of what you want to accomplish in the next year, and for many of us, those thoughts revolve around writing. Between TidBITS and Take Control, we spend every day researching, composing, and editing text, so when a group of our favorite artisanal software companies approached us about their WinterFest 2014 sale, we decided to join in. Through the end of December, you can save 25 percent on any or all of these products with the coupon code WINTERFEST2014. This isn’t a bundle deal, nor are there any gimmicks or requirements — it’s just a straightforward holiday sale on some great tools for Mac writers.

This curated collection includes a number of apps we rely on daily or have covered over the years. DEVONthink Pro is a superb tool for storing notes and research materials. Eastgate Systems’ Tinderbox helps you organize, plan, and map your thoughts. You can plot out the chronology of any story with Aeon Timeline. Smile’s TextExpander saves you from typing out frequently used words and phrases. Literature & Latte’s highly regarded writing studio Scrivener helps you turn your research and ideas into a manuscript. For working with editors and polishing your final draft (plus any imaginable text manipulation needs), Nisus Writer Pro is unparalleled. And, of course, our Take Control library of books helps you better use these apps — including titles about DEVONthink Pro, Scrivener, and TextExpander — and your Mac in general.

Other than Tinderbox, which requires you to order from the main WinterFest page to get the 25 percent discount, all you have to do is enter the WINTERFEST2014 coupon code when ordering, and only then if the link you use doesn’t already have it embedded.

If you take your writing seriously, do yourself a favor and invest in the tools and training that let you focus on the best way to convey your ideas to the world.


Try productivity tools from Smile that will make your job easier!
PDFpen: PDF toolkit for busy pros on Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
TextExpander: Your shortcut to accurate writing on Mac, Windows,
and iOS. Free trials and friendly support. <>

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Anonymous  2014-12-15 21:42
I miss the massive number of holiday software discounts of long ago, when we had huge developer participation in things like
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2014-12-16 09:58
I was remembering MacSanta fondly too - this WinterFest sale is very much along the same lines. These group efforts turn out to be a ton of work, which is why they often don't continue after a few years.
G. Douglas Eddy  2015-01-13 19:35
Gotta say do not miss a chance at Nisus Writer Pro. Incredible word processor. I left Pages when they dropped, among other important tools, bookmarks. After all, grade school kids don't need to bookmark. Pros do. And I have never looked back. Remarkable, powerful, easy to use and just plain top of the line word processing. DON'T MISS IT!!! BTW: Pages no longer supports RTF - go figure - the most common format I used to people using different programs on different platforms (oooppps - I just discovered Apple's thinking - let us become the new MicroSoft LOL).

A shout out to Devonthink. If you are a not-for-profit check with them to get your copy!