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Need Help with Apple Music? Tweet to Apple.

Many find Apple Music inscrutable, even some of the most Apple-savvy members of the community, like our own Adam Engst (see “Retuning Rdio: Why I Dropped Apple Music,” 7 October 2015) and The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple (see “Jim Dalrymple Quits Apple Music, Calling It a “Nightmare”,” 23 July 2015).

Although Apple seldom acknowledges shoddy work, the company seems to be aware of these problems with Apple Music, and is taking steps to educate users. First, Apple posted seven guided tours to its YouTube channel, explaining the marquee features of Apple Music. Interestingly, all these tours show Apple Music in the iPhone’s Music app, not in iTunes on the Mac.

Now, Apple has taken an unusual step: going to social media to help users directly with their issues. The new @AppleMusicHelp account on Twitter is online from 6 AM to 8 PM PDT every day to help you with your Apple Music problems. If you’re having trouble with Apple Music, let them know! Be nice — it’s not the fault of the people managing the Twitter account — but this may be a good way to make sure Apple knows about the problems we’re all seeing.

While it’s good that Apple is going the extra mile to help Apple Music subscribers, we hope the company redesigns both its apps and the service to be easier to use and more reliable, thus making tutorial videos and Twitter support accounts unnecessary.


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Stefan Keydel  2015-10-19 21:07
Does this mean that @spotifycares and @rdiohelp will go away once the two companies have cleaned up their crappy services?
dbrugger  2015-10-28 07:14
Since the last Music/iTunes update, all my music is gone. In its place is a U2 album. So much for Apple as a place to rely on with my music. Given how Apple now puts items on my iPhone that I cannot delete, like the Watch app, I am getting more and more to dislike my 31 year association with Apple.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2015-10-28 10:18

Seriously, call Apple support and make them help you fix it. It sounds as though there's something wrong with your iCloud or iTunes account.