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Chapter 7 of “Take Control of Slack Basics” Available

Most communications in Slack take place in public channels, but plenty of situations involve just one or two other people. For those, Slack provides direct message conversations, which can be one-on-one or serve a group of up to nine people. Once you know how to work in channels, conversations are easy.

In Chapter 7, “Conduct Direct Message Conversations,” Glenn Fleishman gets in and out quickly, explaining how to start, continue, and end a conversation. In the middle, you’ll also learn how to change the participants in a conversation (and what the repercussions of doing so are) and share files privately.

If you’re just getting started with “Take Control of Slack Basics,” note that everyone can read the first two chapters, but Chapter 3 and the rest are limited to TidBITS members, so if you’re not currently one, we hope that early access is incentive to join!. TidBITS members receive other benefits too (like a full-text version of our RSS feed!), but what’s most important is that TidBITS members are who keep TidBITS alive and kicking. If you’re already a TidBITS member, log in to the TidBITS site using the email address from which you joined to read these chapters.

The full ebook of “Take Control of Slack Basics” will be available for purchase by everyone in PDF, EPUB, and Mobipocket (Kindle) formats once it’s complete, along with the administrator-focused “Take Control of Slack Admin.” We’re also planning to make the final books available as heavily discounted bulk buys for entire Slack teams, so if you’re interested in that, let us know.


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