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TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary Tips

Since I released the TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary for Eudora (see “An ATypoKill Eudora Hack” in TidBITS-546), several people submitted corrections that prompted me to do additional cleanup. So, if you download a new version of the dictionary from the same location as mentioned before, you’ll get a slightly cleaner file with some capitalization corrections, a few spelling corrections, several more terms, and some problematic two-letter entries removed. I recommend you get the updated version unless you downloaded it after 01-Oct-00.

A few readers had trouble getting the auto-correction feature to work at all; although we haven’t yet tracked down a definite response, it’s likely that this is related to not having the “Automatically as you type” setting in Eudora’s Spell Checking settings panel selected. Or just double-click this URL (you’ll need to paste it into a Eudora message if it’s not there already):


Barry Wainwright made the trenchant comment that you must not use Eudora’s own text-editing capabilities to edit the TidBITS AutoCorrect Dictionary or else all of the incorrect words will immediately be corrected. Just use any other text editor like BBEdit or a word processor that can save a file as text.

Several people moaned – albeit softly – about wanting the same functionality in the Windows version of Eudora. You’re in luck: the spelling checker code is cross-platform, the auto-correct functionality is present, and Curtis Wilcox passed along the necessary instructions for Windows users on TidBITS Talk.

Finally, just a reminder that you can use this file in any way you want, so, for instance, I’ve imported it (via a custom macro) into the just-released Nisus Writer 6.0, which now sports an auto-correct feature but lacks a large auto-correct dictionary.

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