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Leopard Compatibility List Updated

Rather than write oodles of short articles that mostly note that a new version of some utility adds compatibility with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, we’re going to take advantage of our new TidBITS Publishing System to create a list of important or interesting software that has been updated. (Our definition of “important or interesting” largely revolves around products that we’ve covered in the past or plan to cover in the future; there’s no way this can or should be a comprehensive list.) It’s important to note that this list also doesn’t include software that runs fine in Leopard without needing an update – don’t infer anything if a program isn’t included on the list.

We’ll add new items to the top of the list, blog-style, and we’ll tweak the modification date each time so those reading via RSS will be alerted when there are changes. We won’t be publishing this article in an email edition of TidBITS, since it will continue to grow over time. Eventually, of course, Leopard compatibility will no longer be interesting, and we’ll let the article remain static after that point. Until then, though, here’s what we know. For releases that are purely for Leopard compatibility, we won’t go beyond listing the name, version number, and link; for those releases that are more significant, we’ll toss in some notes as appropriate.

19-Dec-07 — It’s starting to be more difficult to find Leopard-specific updates, so we’ll probably continue this list only through the end of the year.

11-Dec-07 — The updates continue, albeit at a slower pace.

06-Dec-07 — We’ve been busy trying to finish things off by the end of the year, and lots of Mac developers apparently have the same idea.

02-Dec-07 — With the first serious snow here in Ithaca, we have the first Leopard updates in December.

30-Nov-07 — As November comes to a close, we’re nearing 100 Leopard-specific updates in the list. Keep ’em coming!

29-Nov-07 — Just when we think the Leopard compatibility releases might be slowing down, a bunch more appear.

28-Nov-07 — Please do let us know if we’re missing anything important – there’s only so much hunting we can do.

26-Nov-07 — Back in the saddle again after Thanksgiving!

  • QuarkXPress 7.31 from Quark. The update also corrects capitalization errors, finds and corrects duplicate words, corrects spacing errors after punctuation, ignores URLs when checking spelling, and ignores words with numbers when checking spelling.

25-Nov-07 — Here are a few that we’ve missed along the way.

20-Nov-07 — Catching up after yesterday’s issue. We’ve moved a few items up from previous days if the changes are again related to Leopard compatibility.

16-Nov-07 — Apple hit us with a ton of updates yesterday, so we’ll point you at our coverage of those updates for the Leopard-specific stuff along with rounding up a crop of third-party updates.

14-Nov-07 — The updates continue to flow in, with the most notable release being Fetch 5.3.

13-Nov-07 — After a hiatus over the weekend and a busy Monday putting out the issue, we find…

09-Nov-07 — A quick check today reveals…

08-Nov-07 — Just a few new things today.

07-Nov-07 — The updates continue apace, although a few of the ones listed below have been out for a few days and merely made it onto our radar today.

06-Nov-07 — Things are settling down a bit with Leopard-specific updates, but be sure to let us know if we’re missing something that has been discussed in TidBITS.

05-Nov-07 — Just one today, not because there weren’t others but because we were working on the TidBITS issue all day.

02-Nov-07 — Lots more updates today as we work our way back through our press release list.

01-Nov-07 — We’re mostly catching up with the entries so far.

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