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TidBITS Watchlist: Notable Software Updates for 20 October 2014

Carbon Copy Cloner 4.0.2 — Bombich Software has released Carbon Copy Cloner 4.0.2 (CCC), a maintenance update that quickly follows the backup utility’s recent big four-oh release (see “Carbon Copy Cloner 4.0,” 9 October 2014). Version 4.0.2 now imports email account settings when importing a CCC 3.5 task that was configured to send email, ensures that tasks created by CCC 3.5 through 3.5.2 are now imported, fixes numerous interface annoyances, correctly restores window position when the sidebar is hidden by default, improves how CCC keeps the system awake when a task is running on a
system that is running on battery power, and fixes an issue that erroneously reported that a Recovery HD volume was out of date or missing. ($39.99 new, $19.99 upgrade from version 3.5.x, 11.1 MB, release notes, 10.8+)

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Things 2.5 — Cultured Code has released Things 2.5 with support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite and a refreshed user interface that includes new icons for the sidebar and preferences, new designs for the toolbar and tag filter bar, and tweaked windows for quick entry and tag management. The task manager also brings a new Today widget to Notification Center on Yosemite that quickly displays all of your tasks for the day and enables you to mark tasks complete while working in any app. It also adds Handoff support on Yosemite (which currently works with the recently released version 2.5.2 of Things for iPhone; support for Things for iPad is promised soon) and adds an Add to Things extension to Yosemite’s share sheet. ($49.99 new from Cultured Code and the Mac App Store, free update, 17.6 MB, release notes, 10.7+)

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Coda 2.5 — Panic has updated its Coda Web site development tool to version 2.5 with a goodly number of new additions and improvements. Coda 2.5 quickens the pace of syntax highlighting and symbol parsing; indexes your Local Root and autocompletes your own functions, classes, and variables; adds Panic Sync to synchronize sites, passwords, and private keys; enables you to override and edit a site’s CSS; updates the user interface to be friendly with OS X 10.10 Yosemite; improves the editor with vertical indentation guides and a customizable column guide; and enables you to save and publish with a single keystroke. Panic has also removed Coda from the Mac App Store, but will be migrating Mac App Store customers to the independent version for free. Before migrating from the Mac App Store edition, make sure you have the most recent version installed (2.0.14) and that it has been launched at least once. Then download Coda 2.5 from Panic and follow the prompts in the app. ($99 new, free update, 84.5 MB, release notes, 10.7.5+)

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Parallels Desktop 10.1Parallels Desktop has been updated to version 10.1 (build 28600), a maintenance release focused on fixes. The virtualization software resolves an issue with Parallels Desktop canceling a Mac shutdown, rectifies problems with application window focus and visual artifacts in Coherence, ensures shortcuts to virtual disks on the Mac desktop don’t go missing, tamps down high CPU usage when connecting a USB device to a virtual machine, and sorts out an issue with the NumLock key not staying on. ($79.99 new, $49.99 upgrade, $39.99 educational, free update from version 10.0+, 283 MB, release notes, 10.9.4+)

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Airfoil 4.8.10 — Rogue Amoeba has released Airfoil 4.8.10, which fixes a problem that prevented Netflix videos from properly playing in Airfoil Video Player when running OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It also includes a minor update to Instant On (now at version 8.0.2) to fix a few unspecified issues. ($25 new with a 20 percent discount for TidBITS members, free update, 15 MB, release notes, 10.7+)

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Microsoft Office 2011 14.4.5 — Microsoft has updated Office 2011 to version 14.4.5, a critical update that fixes a privately reported vulnerability that could have allowed remote code execution if an attacker convinced a user to open a specially crafted Microsoft Word file (see this Microsoft Security Bulletin for more information). The update also addresses an issue that caused Outlook for Mac 2011’s main window not to be displayed after restarting in OS X 10.10 Yosemite, plus fixes a problem in Outlook that caused unnecessary synchronizing and
updating of Microsoft Exchange server messages (for Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 accounts only). (Free update from the Microsoft Download Center or through Microsoft AutoUpdate, 114 MB, release notes, 10.5.8+)

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Scrivener 2.6 — Literature & Latte has released Scrivener 2.6 with support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite, fixing all known compatibility issues and updating user interface elements to match Apple’s new operating system. The venerable word processor also adds an option to its Import/Export Preferences that determines whether Scrivener should use the bundled version of Java or one installed on the system for converting Word and OpenOffice documents. The update addresses a large list of bugs, fixing a problem that caused hangs and crashes when editing scaled comments, avoiding a crash that occurred if smart
quotes or spelling correction were triggered in Scrivenings mode, and bashing a bug that prevented edits to project notes from being saved if they were made in the Composition mode inspector. However, previously available Twitter and Facebook sharing services will no longer be available when running Yosemite, as the sharing feature requires a 64-bit application. (This Literature & Latte blog post provides more details and notes that there are plans afoot to update Scrivener’s code base to 64-bit.) Unfortunately, the Mac App Store edition of Scrivener is still stuck at version 2.5 as of
this writing. ($45 new, free update, 77.3 MB, release notes, 10.6+)

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DEVONthink/DEVONnote 2.8.1 — DEVONtechnologies has updated all three editions of DEVONthink (Personal, Pro, and Pro Office) and DEVONnote to version 2.8.1 to improve compatibility of user-installed Spotlight plug-ins and fix superfluous title extension additions when syncing DEVONthink To Go. The three editions of DEVONthink now import incompatible, unsupported, or damaged image files as unknown files, fix a crash that occurred with the scanner/camera interface after displaying or editing images, ensures compatibility with AVI movies
imported from Canon cameras, and fix several unspecified localization glitches. DEVONthink Pro Office also reinstalls a disabled Apple Mail plug-in automatically on German and French localizations and fixes an incompatibility with the Apple Mail plug-in on OS X 10.7 Lion and 10.8 Mountain Lion systems. (All updates are free. DEVONthink Pro Office, $149.95 new, release notes; DEVONthink Professional, $79.95 new, release notes; DEVONthink Personal, $49.95 new, release notes; DEVONnote, $24.95 new, release notes; 25 percent discount for TidBITS members on all editions of DEVONthink and DEVONnote. 10.7.5+)

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DEVONagent Lite, Express, and Pro 3.8.2 — DEVONtechnologies has also updated all three editions of its DEVONagent research software (Lite, Express, and Pro) to version 3.8.2. All three editions receive updated user interface elements to prepare them for OS X 10.10 Yosemite and a new plug-in for the Baidu search engine. The Pro and Express editions improve filtering of links to social media (e.g., retweeting), while DEVONagent Pro improves accuracy of scanners, adds a Share submenu to the contextual menu of Web views (requires 10.8 Mountain Lion or later), merges the search field and progress
indicator of search windows (similar to DEVONagent Express), and improves the new plug-in assistant. With version 3.8.2, all three titles now require 10.7.5 Lion or later. (All updates are free. DEVONagent Lite, free, release notes; DEVONagent Express, $4.95 new, release notes; DEVONagent Pro, $49.95 new with a 25 percent discount for TidBITS members, release notes. 10.7.5+)

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SuperDuper 2.7.3 — Shirt Pocket has released SuperDuper 2.7.3 with full support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The drive-cloning and backup app fixes a bug with the Backup on Connect feature, which would prevent SuperDuper from backing up drives that had the word Backup in their name (a workaround was previously detailed at Shirt Pocket’s blog. The update also brings detection improvements to the Eject after Copy feature, as well as various unspecified fixes and improvements. While SuperDuper 2.7.3 is
ready to take on Yosemite, it’s still compatible with 10.6 Snow Leopard and later. (Free for basic functionality, $27.95 for additional features, free update, 2.9 MB, 10.6+)

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Apple Configurator 1.7 — Apple has released Configurator 1.7, the essential tool for schools and businesses to manage and deploy software to multiple iOS devices. The update brings improvements to iTunes Store authentication, ensures devices are erased before restoring a backup, and adds support for new configuration profile payloads and settings introduced in iOS 8. It also adds restrictions for enabling (or disabling) use of Handoff, iCloud sync for managed apps, and backup of enterprise books, as well as supervised restrictions for erasing all content and settings and
enabling Internet results in Spotlight. Configurator 1.7 also now requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite, which might be problematic for those who can’t or don’t wish to update administrative Macs. (Free, 14.5 MB, 10.10+)

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GarageBand 10.0.3 — Apple has released GarageBand 10.0.3 with support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite, though it’s remains compatible with 10.9 Mavericks (unlike the just-released “iMovie 10.0.6” (18 October 2014), which ups its minimum system requirement to Yosemite). GarageBand 10.0.3 now enables you to access audio effect plug-ins for more detailed control and build your own bass rig with Bass Amp Designer using vintage and modern amps, cabinets, and mics. It also adds a new Voice Template for fast and easy vocal recordings, the capability to share projects using Mail Drop
(when signed into iCloud), a vertical zoom that automatically adjusts the height of your tracks, and multiple enhancements to Accessibility. ($4.99 new from the Mac App Store, free update, 1.17 GB, 10.9+)

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iMovie 10.0.6 — Apple has released iMovie 10.0.6, which updates its look for the just-released OS X 10.10 Yosemite — iMovie also now requires Apple’s latest operating system release). The update adds Custom H.264, ProRes, and Audio Only export options, the capability to share a video frame as a still image, and the capability to send HD video via email using Mail Drop (when signed into iCloud). It also enables you to select a portion of a clip by dragging across the bottom of the clip; keeps the Adjustments Bar open for quick access to audio and video tools; improves performance on older Mac systems; and adds Indonesian,
Malaysian, and Vietnamese localizations. Additionally, developers who are creating App Store previews will appreciate the added support for iPhone and iPad screen recording clips captured with QuickTime Player, 11 new animated titles, and a share option for easy export to the App Store. ($14.99 new from the Mac App Store, free update, 1.99 GB, 10.10+)

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LaunchBar 6.1.3 — Earlier this month, Objective Development released LaunchBar 6.1.2, which improved how the keyboard-based launcher works with Emacs keyboard shortcuts, turned off use of the right arrow key to trigger Info Browsing, improved Calculator history browsing, and ensured that LaunchBar no longer appeared onscreen when it’s opened automatically at login. This past week, LaunchBar was updated to version 6.1.3, which fixes a bug that caused certain applications not to appear in the index, displays more detailed suggestions in Wikipedia Search while typing the search term, and improves left/right navigation
during auto-activation. ($29 new with a 20 percent discount for TidBITS members, free update, 10.1 MB, release notes, 10.9+)

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1Password 5.0 — Celebrating the official release of OS X Yosemite, AgileBits has released 1Password 5.0, a major update that brings improvements to 1Password mini and a multitude of fixes and improvements. 1Password 5.0 is fully compatible with Apple’s newly released operating system, including its new Dark Mode, and in fact requires Yosemite. The update also improves 1Password mini’s speed, and centers its display on your screen when the system-wide shortcut is triggered (Command-Option-\). AgileBits also added support for using CloudKit sync, which requires the Mac App Store edition and 1Password for iOS 5.1 to ensure synchronization across your devices. (Check out this AgileBits support document for more information on syncing 1Password 5 over iCloud sync.) Other changes include the capability to sync attachments over Wi-Fi, a fix for a problem where the number of items on devices could have been different even after a successful sync, and a fix to ensure that the detached 1Password mini’s detail view window is resized to fit the content. If you have a 1Password 4 license, you can upgrade to 1Password 5 for free. AgileBits is also
offering 1Password 5 at the reduced price of $35 from both its own Web site as well as the Mac App Store for a limited time. ($49.99 new with a 25 percent discount for TidBITS members when purchased from AgileBits, free update, 32.6 MB, release notes, 10.10+)

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KeyCue 7.3 — Preparing for the release of OS X 10.10 Yosemite, Ergonis has released KeyCue 7.3 with the new Tenaya theme that matches Yosemite’s user interface (named after Tenaya Lake and Tenaya Canyon, both located in Yosemite National Park). The keyboard shortcut utility can now learn menu shortcuts of certain applications with non-standard menu implementations (such as Eclipse and all JetBrains products). Additionally, KeyCue 7.3 provides a workaround for a problem that prevented shortcuts from displaying when the Hide checkbox was turned on in the login item list, fixes an issue that ignored explicit font size
specifications in custom themes, improves the handling of low-level issues in library components to avoid crashes, and ensures that the magnifier icon correctly disappears after dismissing the shortcut table. (€19.99 new with a 25 percent discount for TidBITS members, free update, 3.7 MB, release notes, 10.5.8+)

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