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watchOS 4.0.1 Aims to Fix Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular Problems

by Adam C. Engst

Apple has released watchOS 4.0.1, which fixes a reportedly rare bug that caused the Apple Watch Series 3 to join unauthenticated public Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops and hotels. Such networks require the user to submit a form on a Web page before the network can be accessed, and there’s no way to do that on an Apple Watch.

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The real impact of this bug, however, is that Apple Watch Series 3 units were supposedly connecting to these public Wi-Fi networks instead of using the cellular connection. Since the Wi-Fi networks didn’t allow actual usage, the Apple Watch couldn’t get any Internet access.

Our Apple Watch Series 3 hasn’t arrived yet, so we can’t confirm that watchOS 4.0.1 resolves all the cellular connectivity issues reported in early reviews (see “Apple’s Late 2017 Collection: A Roundup of Reviews [2],” 26 September 2017).

However, we can confirm that watchOS 4.0.1 is available only for the Apple Watch Series 3 — it’s not appearing for earlier models. The update is a 42.9 MB download, and you can get to it in the Watch app on your iPhone, in General > Software Update. This one seems like a no-brainer to download immediately.