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Quicken 4.6.7

Quicken Inc. has released version 4.6.7 of its Quicken 2017 for Mac financial management app, improving account connectivity and handling of account errors. The app adds a new Fix It button for download error 106 that enables you to fix and connect your bank account and fixes an issue where the wrong date was appearing in the Account Status window for certain accounts such as loans. The update also improves Quicken Windows import, resolves an issue where Quicken wasn’t handling erroneous bill pay messages correctly, corrects a problem where the Tax Report wasn’t exporting memo fields in CSV format, and fixes a bug with the calculator that rendered it impossible to use. ($74.99 new from Quicken Web site and Mac App Store, free update from Quicken 2017, release notes, 10.10+)


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Max Mertens  2017-10-30 17:48
INTUIT has released QUICKEN 2018
as pure Subscription Service