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Microsoft Office 2016 16.9

In a major jump from December’s version 15.41 of Office 2016, Microsoft has now released version 16.9 with the addition of real-time collaborative editing. For Word and PowerPoint, you’ll need to save your documents to OneDrive or SharePoint Online and then send an invitation to collaborators (Microsoft notes that Windows users need to be running PowerPoint 2010 or later). Collaborative editing in Excel requires an Office 365 subscription and spreadsheets saved to OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or a SharePoint Online library.

Office 2016 also adds AutoSave to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allowing Office 365 subscribers to enable the feature for files stored on OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint Online. The three apps also improve discovery of documents stored in your frequently used sites and groups in the Open menu.

In app-specific changes, Excel gains new charts (including funnel, sunburst, and histogram) and improves support for filters in a PivotTable. PowerPoint enables you to trim content from the beginning or end of an audio or video clip, and adds support for using your mouse as a laser pointer for improved focus during presentations. Outlook adds gestures for archiving (swiping left with two fingers) or deleting (swiping right) email from your Inbox. ($149.99 for one-time purchase, $99.99/$69.99 annual subscription options, free update through Microsoft AutoUpdate, release notes, 10.10+)


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Comments about Microsoft Office 2016 16.9

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Doug Lerner  2018-01-22 22:45
Unlike Google Apps though, you still can't easily share with yourself. If your document is open on your Mac and you try to open the same document in iOS you get a message saying the document is locked by you and it offers to make a copy.

With Google Apps you can open the same document simultaneously on different devices and have your changes sync immediately.
hinami  2018-01-23 00:47
This has effectively broken EndNote compatibility .. users have been advised by EndNote to either downgrade to Word 15, sign up for a beta patch, or wait for the public release of their patch in late January / early February.
James Wilson  2018-01-23 01:07
Agen you have missed the big news for Excel users.... this update finally brings Pivot Charts to Mac users of Excel. There's still a long way to go before the Mac and Windows versions are on parity (power query, power pivots to name but two) but it's a step in the right direction.

Here's what MS admin posted in the Excel feedback forum:

"PivotCharts are now working in the latest update to Excel for Mac (version 16.x). We have more work to do, so you won’t see a button to insert a PivotChart, but if you insert a chart with a PivotTable as the data source, it will be a PivotChart. The filter, field, and expand/collapse buttons are not available, but you can make changes to the PivotTable and they’ll be reflected on the chart.

To update to version 16, go to the Help menu and choose Check for Updates.

Thanks – Steve K [MS Excel]"
Did anyone find a way to turn OFF the swipe features?
Philip Tobias  2018-01-25 11:14
Postscript Type 1 fonts no longer work properly for me in Word 16.9 (though they work fine in the prior version). I have reported my findings to Microsoft.
Marvin Cross  2018-02-01 15:56
Since the recent Word update for Mac to v16.9 and 16.9.1 I get an error message that reads “the directory name isn’t valid ()” when trying to open a file that is on my main hard drive window. If the file is in a folder or on the Desktop, it will open. If I then try to save a file to my main hard drive I get an error message that reads “Word cannot complete the save due to a file permission error. If I save the file to another folder or Desktop, it works fine. This error problem with opening or saving Word files does not happen with Excel or other Office apps. It also doesn’t happen with other apps that are from companies other than Microsoft. My operating system is the latest OS X Sierra 10.12.6. Note: This problem occurs with Word v16.9+ but not with Word v15.41
I am disgusted with this update. Simple things are now complicated. A simple zoom of control + command + mouse now zooms, but it does from the center, so then you have to scroll up and left to get to the top corner of your spreadsheet. Simple but a pain in the ass.

Second, inserting cells is now a pain because it wants to always insert down unless you right click. I don't want to right click when I have a button to do it, too. It is another step.

Also, quick key for going to the first cell is now obsolete. LIke, one of the most important quick keys we use.

Please, quit screwing with the things that work and work well.
I am so happy they added auto-save to excel. Now if they could only get it to actually work, that would save me from lots of frustration. This update is a disaster.
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