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Agen Schmitz

Agen Schmitz

Agen Schmitz is a freelance writer and editor with a lot of Amazon time under his belt. Since leaving Amazon in 2003 (as senior editor for the Electronics and Camera & Photo stores), Agen has continued to work within the Amazon eco-sphere to help vendors bring clarity to their marketing content. He lives in Seattle with his wife and son, and is always dreaming of Iceland.

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Suitcase Fusion 4

The font management utility gains a wealth of new features, including introduction of the Extensis Font Panel to Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop for activating fonts on the fly. ($99.95 new, $49.95 upgrade, 63 MB)

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Back Up Your Instagram Photo Portfolio

While there was much to celebrate with its recent $1 billion acquisition by Facebook and a successful Android software launch, the Instagram photo sharing service found itself caught in a backlash by some users worried about Facebook’s privacy policies and the possibility that Facebook would ruin the service. If you’re thinking of deleting your account (or even if you’re staying in the Instagram fold but want to maintain local copies of your images), Agen Schmitz looks at three options for backing up your photos.

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Adobe Acrobat X Pro and Reader X 10.1.3

Adds compatibility for Adobe’s PDF browser plug-in to Safari when running in 64-bit mode, as well as to Firefox in 32-bit mode. (Free updates, 137.4 MB and 69.6 MB)

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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.2.0

Brings enhanced connectivity to Microsoft’s SharePoint collaboration service plus improvements and fixes to Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. (Free update, 110 MB)

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Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4

Minor update improves compatibility with third-party PCIe and Thunderbolt I/O devices plus offers a grab bag of tweaks and fixes. ($299.99 new, free update, 1.38 GB)

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KeyCue 6.1

Maintenance release improves support for Keyboard Maestro and adds a signed developer ID for OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion’s Gatekeeper (€19.99 new, free upgrades, 2.1 MB)

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TextWrangler 4.0

Major new release imports many features from the current version of BBEdit, including interface elements plus search and scripting capabilities. (Free, 5.2 MB)

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TinkerTool 4.8

Adds a number of new ways to control system behavior in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. (Free, 1.7 MB)

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Hazel 3.0.4

Modifies a number of user interface issues and fixes several bugs in the file cleanup utility. ($25 new, $10 upgrade, 5.0 MB)

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SpamSieve 2.9

Maintenance release improves training for Exchange messages received in Apple Mail, adds support for Growl notifications via GNTP, and more. ($30 new, free update, 9.3 MB)

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Java for OS X Lion 2012-001 and Java for Mac OS X 10.6 Update 7

Addresses a vulnerability in Java that can be exploited by the latest variant of the Flashback malware. (Free, 66.6 MB and 79.7 MB)

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App Tamer 1.2.1

Changes the color of the menu bar icon (from pale yellow to bright red) to indicate climbing processor load. ($14.95 new, free update, 3.6 MB)

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Audio Hijack Pro 2.10.3

Updates Instant On component to fix audio capture from Qt-based programs such as Sibelius and fixes a bug that could create hundreds of files during long recordings. ($32 new, free update, 5.4 MB)

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iPhoto ’11 9.2.3

Fixes an issue that could cause a crash when running on a Mac system with multiple user accounts. ($14.99 new, free update, 256.9 MB)

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Logic Pro 9.1.7 and Logic Express 9.1.7

Brings compatibility to GarageBand for iOS projects for both programs, and resolves issues with downloading and installing content in Logic Pro. (Free updates, 195.66 MB and 139.92 MB respectively)