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Series: iTunes Music Store

Can Apple revolutionize digital music?

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iTunes Music Store Takes the Stage

Apple today unveiled the iTunes Music Store, a commercial Internet music service featuring more than 200,000 tracks from the five largest music labels and available via a new Music Store playlist entry in the popular (and still free) iTunes 4 music playback and disc burning software

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Apple Changes the Face of Digital Music

We've now had a week to play with the new iTunes Music Store, to analyze how well it is implemented, and to think about the effect it could have on Apple, the recording industry, artists, the peer-to-peer file sharing networks, and even physical music stores

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iTunes Music Store Tips

The iTunes Music Store has already caused me to buy more music, and spending all the extra time in iTunes has helped me develop a number of tips for improving the listening and purchasing experience

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iTunes 4.0.1 Restricts Music Sharing

Only a few weeks after releasing iTunes 4 in conjunction with the iTunes Music Store, Apple has released iTunes 4.0.1 via Software Update, rolling in a few bug fixes and steamrolling Internet sharing of music by restricting sharing to a single subnet on a local network. One of the innovative features in iTunes 4 was the capability to share music with anyone on the Internet; you chose Connect to Shared Music, entered their IP address, and watched their shared playlists appear in your playlist pane

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iTunes Music Store Sells Ten Millionth Song

iTunes Music Store Sells Ten Millionth Song -- Apple announced today that after about four months the iTunes Music Store has sold its ten millionth song (in an ironic comment on the state of online music, the song was Avril Lavigne's "Complicated")

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iTunes Music Store Expands to Windows, Audible, Indies

Last week, Apple launched what the company calls the "second generation" of the iTunes Music Store with a slew of related announcements, including iTunes for Windows, a new version of iTunes for the Mac, several new marketing alliances for the iTunes Music Store, and a useful update to the iPod. iTunes for Windows -- Most important of the announcements is undoubtedly the release of iTunes for Windows, which opens up the iTunes Music Store to oodles of Windows users and takes over as the primary interface to PC-connected iPods

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iTunes Music Store Tops 50 Million Songs Sold

iTunes Music Store Tops 50 Million Songs Sold -- Apple announced today that the iTunes Music Store had hit its 50 millionth song sale, and was averaging 2.5 million songs sold per week, about half in the form of albums

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iTunes 4.5 and the iTunes Music Store, One Year Later

Apple last week celebrated the first anniversary of the iTunes Music Store with the release of iTunes 4.5 and a slew of new features in the iTunes Music Store itself

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iTunes Music Store Launches in Europe

Apple staged its own British invasion in London last week, announcing the opening of the iTunes Music Store in the United Kingdom, France, and Germany

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Apple Refuses to Sing with Real’s Harmony

Last week a public shouting match erupted between Apple Computer and RealNetworks over what material can be played using Apple's iPod portable music players

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Internet Music Battles Heat Up

Apple's announcement last week of the iTunes Affiliate Program, iTunes on Campus, and the iTunes Volume Discount program represents the next escalation in what is turning into a heated battle for control of the Internet music services (which is somewhat surprising, given that no one is yet making money on music sales, something that may never happen)

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Yahoo Shells Out $160 Million for MusicMatch

Apple's iTunes Music Store may be the current 800-pound gorilla of the online music industry (as far as paid downloads are concerned), but now Yahoo - possibly the most visited site on the Internet - is getting into the fray, paying $160 million in cash for MusicMatch, a Windows-only online music service. Yahoo already offers a free online streaming audio service called LAUNCHcast; it works with Windows and (badly) with Mac OS 9; Mac OS X has never been supported

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Apple Sells Its One Hundred and Fifty Millionth Song

Apple Sells Its One Hundred and Fifty Millionth Song -- Apple continued to remind everyone it's the 400-pound gorilla of the online music industry by announcing it has now sold over 150 million songs on its iTunes Music Service

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Apple Intros iPod Photo, iPod U2, and Euro iTMS

Apple last week fulfilled the wish of every Internet discussion-forum enthusiast who's longed for the capability to view photos on a tiny color screen