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Series: Software Gift Ideas

Software gift suggestions from TidBITS readers

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Software Gift Ideas

Your Roots are Showing -- Genealogy has taken hold of several of our relatives in the past year, and if anyone in your family might be interested, David Kanter's suggestion is ideal

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1999 Software Gift Ideas

Put Time on Your Side -- We could definitely use a gift of free time, but in the meantime Fred Miller suggests using MultiTimer Pro to track the time you're currently using

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2000 Software Gift Ideas

Build It, and They Will Beep -- David Huston is after our own hearts in recommending software which enables users to make their Macs do that they want

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2001 Software Gift Ideas

It's fun to be wowed by hardware, especially in the Macintosh world where industrial design is a driving force. There's just something about gadgets that plug in, connect to, interact with, and work alongside our Macs

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2002 Software Gift Ideas

It doesn't matter type of Mac you own, old or new, you're running a wide variety of software. This year's suggestions ranged from software that makes you more productive to enhancements that tailor your Mac experience to your own tastes. Don't assume that software gift ideas from previous years are irrelevant just because almost all new development is being done for Mac OS X

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2003 Software Gift Ideas

Our first inclination when suggesting software is to recommend useful utilities that prove invaluable every day. But software is a big field, with room enough for utility and whimsey, both of which are represented this year

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2004 Software Gift Ideas

We're always amused when collating software gift suggestions because of their breadth. The Mac may have less software available than Windows, but there are still far more interesting programs than anyone could ever hope to try

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2005 Software Gift Ideas

Apple may be bundling more software with the Mac every year, but that hasn't prevented independent developers from rolling out excellent independent applications, a number of which were recommended by readers this year

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2006 Software Gift Ideas

The days of worrying about how much software was available for the Mac are long gone, and these days, just trying to keep up with new releases is utterly overwhelming