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Series: Taking Control

The history of the Take Control ebook series from TidBITS Publishing.

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Do You Want to Take Control?

It's been a long time since I've been this excited. This week we're unveiling a completely new publishing project called Take Control, which is a series of electronic books written by leading Macintosh authors

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Take Control Pricing Thoughts

With Joe Kissell's "Take Control of Email with Apple Mail," you'll notice that we set the price at $10 - as we had done for Glenn Fleishman's "Take Control of Sharing Files in Panther" - instead of the introductory $5 price point we have used for most of our other ebooks

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The Story Behind Take Control Updates

As you know, we offer free minor updates to our Take Control ebooks to customers; it's a great way for authors to keep their ebooks up to date with new software releases, to respond to feedback from readers, and to fix any mistakes that slipped in

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Take Control Expands to Print

We started the Take Control project, about a year ago, with one goal: to publish in a whole new way. The key to our approach was the production of electronic books, which are more timely, more focused, more economical, and more easily updated than print books can be

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Take Control’s First Anniversary (and 50% Off Sale!)

It's been a year since we released our first Take Control ebook, Joe Kissell's "Take Control of Upgrading to Panther," and I want to commemorate the anniversary in two ways: first by announcing a one-week 50 percent off sale and second by telling you about what we've learned after a year in the brave new world of electronic book publishing

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Take Control’s Second Anniversary (and 50% Off Sale!)

As of today, the Take Control publishing project that Tonya and I started in 2003 marks its second year. We've come a long way from our first copy of Joe Kissell's "Take Control of Upgrading to Panther," and since we've been tracking Take Control's progress here in TidBITS all along, I want to share what we've accomplished and give you a sense of where we're going

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Take Control’s Third Anniversary (and 50% Off Sale!)

We've now finished our third year of publishing electronic books in the Take Control series, and to celebrate that fact, we're having a 50 percent-off sale on every one of our ebooks through 13-Nov-06

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Take Control News: 50%-Off Sale to Celebrate 5th Anniversary

It has been five years since we started the Take Control series of electronic books, and we're celebrating with a 50-percent-off sale through 14-Oct-08. We also share Take Control sales numbers and other stats.