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Articles by Tonya

In addition to the hundreds of articles that I’ve written for the TidBITS Web site and email newsletter, and for the TidBITS Content Network, and for my personal blog, I’ve also written quite a few articles as a freelancer.

Although I’m open to writing more freelance articles, at the moment, I’ve not done so in quite a while, so the list below is a partial list of work that I did long ago. Sadly, as I transitioned this list to the new version of the TidBITS website in 2018, I realized that all the links lead to 404s except for the Mac Tech article, which I’ve listed first, since its link is working fine and the article is still relevant now, 20 years later!


  • Style Sheets 101: MacUser, Oct-97
  • Polishing Your Page: MacUser, Feb-97
  • The Ant and the Grasshopper: MacUser, Apr-96
  • A Do-It-Yourself Web Page: MacUser, Nov-95
  • From the Web Press to the Web: MacUser, Oct-95

HTML Analysis

  • The Lady or the Tiger: Seybold Show Daily, April-97
  • Webmasters Unfazed by New HTML Specs: MacWEEK, Feb-97
  • New Design Freedoms in HTML 3.2: MacWEEK, April-96

Software Reviews

  • The Web Publisher’s Essential Tool Kit: Macworld, May-98
    This feature article examined many current Web authoring programs from a task-oriented angle.
  • CyberStudio 2.0: MacWEEK, Dec-97
  • BBEdit 4.5: MacWEEK, Oct-97
  • NetObjects Fusion 2.0: MacAddict, Sep-97
  • Web Collage 1.0: MacAddict, Jul-97
  • Visual Page 1.0: MacWEEK, Mar-97
  • Home Page 2.0: MacWEEK, Mar-97
  • 25 Essential Internet Utilities: MacUser, Mar-97
    Published originally as a booklet in the shrinkwrap with MacUser.
  • Picture Perfect Page-Builders: MacUser, Nov-96
    AOLpress 1.2.2j, Claris Home Page 1.0, Netscape Navigator Gold 3.0, Tapestry/Presto! Personal Page, and Adobe PageMill 2.0. Sidebars look at other programs like Akimbo’s GlobeTrotter and BoxTop Software’s PhotoGIF.
  • QuickSite 1.0 MacWEEK, Nov-96
  • Navigator Gold 3.0: MacWEEK, Oct-96
  • Navigator Gold 3.0: (beta review) MacWEEK, Aug-96
  • The Web Author’s Workshop: MacUser, Aug-96
    Adobe PageMill 1.0, GNNPress 1.1, Tapestry 1.0, World Wide Web Weaver 1.1, HoTMetaL Pro 2.0, BBEdit 4.0, NisusWriter 4.1,WordPerfect 3.5, and Microsoft Word 6.0/Internet Assistant.
  • WebBurst: MacWEEK, July-96
  • Site Edit and Site Check: MacWEEK, Jun-96