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1Password 8.7.3

AgileBits has issued 1Password 8.7.3, a maintenance release that enables you to sort items by frequently and recently used. The updated password manager also now lets you change how long your session remains active when using the 1Password SSH Agent, makes several user interface updates that occur after changing the language, adds Universal Autofill for the Mighty browser, redesigns the Watchtower loading screen and security score, resolves an issue where the names of vaults and items wouldn’t truncate properly in the sidebar, fixes a bug that prevented window managers from working properly after Universal Autofill was used, and ensures that non-numeric characters are no longer excluded from the credit card number field. ($35.88 annual subscription from AgileBits—TidBITS members setting up new accounts receive 6 months free, free update, 2.9 MB installer download, release notes, macOS 10.15+)

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Comments About 1Password 8.7.3

Notable Replies

  1. What am I missing? TidBITS talks about an update to 8.7.3 but my 1Password is 7.9.5 and I can’t find any reference to a newer version except here.

  2. That is what I found also (1 Password states that Version 7.9.5 is “Up To Date”). Why the disagreement?

  3. 1Password 8 came out in May:

  4. OK. That enabled the download even though the About 1Password page told me that I was up to date with 7.9.5. THANKS!!! A

  5. That’d true of many apps; the update calendar doesn’t cross the paid upgrade boundary. For another example, a day or so ago, Tidbits noted that PowerPhotos had been upgraded to version 2.0. I started my my 1.x.x version and saw a note that version 1.9.5 was available. I upgraded to it and was told there were no more updates available. However, when I went to the publisher’s website it advertised version 2.0 and provided details about features, cost (including the discount for 1.x users), and a link to do the upgrade.

    If you wait long enough, the publisher will probably send you a note about the upgrade with a discounted price for current users.

  6. It’s not unusual for a software vendor to support multiple product lines (e.g. 1Password version 7 and version 8), releasing updates for each as independent tracks.

    If moving from 7 to 8 is a paid upgrade, then it makes sense that version 7 doesn’t see version 8 as a part of its upgrade path. That would be up to you to manually install as a part of paying for the upgrade.

  7. As noted…v8 is out but only for macOS…no iOS or iPadOS versions yet. Before you upgrade to v8 on your Mac though…research to make sure that v8 is compatible with the way you use the product as features have been lost you may deem it required…and it is subscription only. There are a couple threads at least on the talk.tidbits site detailing the pros and cons of upgrading, what is lost, etc…so I won’t repeat any of that here.

    TLDR though is that for a lot of people they’re sticking with v7.whatever until it quits working and then moving to something else unless those vital features are restored.

  8. The other reason you may not have been offered v8 yet is that software companies will often schedule the rollout over a period of time to spread out the support load.

  9. GV

    Neil, thanks for the info. . . I am still using v.7 but I received an upgrade notice, along with a special offer for us “classic” software license holders for 3 subscription years at a 50% discount. I declined the offer because I want to find out how well v.8 is working for Macs and to further research the alternatives.

    I appreciate the heads-up re the related threads on TidBITS talk. I found the locked thread 1Password 8 Loss of Capabilities but nothing else jumped out at me. Would you mind sharing the link to any other threads that may be helpful?

  10. That was the main one…if you like I could list the issues pro and con but let’s do that offline if you’re interested so as to not clutter up the list again with what got to be a fairly heated debate. PM me your email on the website if you’re interested.

  11. GV

    Neil, I just took the time to read the entire thread 1Password Loss Of Capabilities. Thanks for the offline offer but I have enough info going forward. I had some background experience with the various issues but I decided to stick with v.7 and see how things develop. My 2018 Intel Mini and my wife’s M1 MBA are running Big Sur so no issues for us.

    I’m going to do some reading on the 1P forums and also take a look at Enpass in the App Store. I’m also going to read more about the recent changes to Apple Keychain to see where that is going.

  12. Well, I tried out version 8 but didn’t like it so I went back to 7.9.5 which still suits me very well. Sounds like 8 isn’t quite ready for prime time yet.

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