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CopyPaste Pro 3.8

In November, Plum Amazing released CopyPaste Pro 3.7.97 as a universal app that supports both Intel and Apple’s M-series processors. Versions 3.7.99 and 3.8 subsequently provided cosmetic enhancements for the multiple clipboard utility: fixing the first line of text in the History and Archive previews to be resizable with the window and updating the image browser to remove the orange frame around the magnified clip. ($30 new, free update, 18.1 MB, release notes, 10.15+)

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Comments About CopyPaste Pro 3.8

Notable Replies

  1. What is the difference between “CopyPaste” and “CopyPaste Pro” ?

  2. They may be two separate utilities—can you provide links that clarify what you’re asking?

  3. CopyPaste is at v. 0.9.97 seems to be a more recent app. The blurb states “The most sophisticated version of CopyPaste yet” and " New in 2022!", While CopyPaste Pro v. 3.8 makes no such claims. I have been using CopyPaste in some form since it was first released (System 7?) and have welcomed the TidBITS discount for several years. I have tried them both but have been using CopyPaste (no Pro) as I have assumed it was for the M chips while Pro is universal. But I do not know.
    [update:] System Information reports that CopyPaste 0.9.97 is also a universal app so I have less clarity concerning the differences now.

  4. As I understand, CopyPaste (“CP”) is a complete rewrite and modernization of CopyPaste Pro that came out as beta several years ago. I joined the CP beta immediately when it was announced because I was a longtime Pro user and because the initial specifications—as I understood them—said that CP would create a Universal Clipboard synchronized among all Apple devices (logged into the same Apple ID).

    Unfortunately, as I understand, Plum Amazing, the publisher of both applications, still doesn’t consider CP not complete/finished.

    In the meantime, I’ve transitioned to using PasteBot in order to have the synchronized, Universal Clipboard that I sought with CP.

  5. OK, Adam. shows two products, one is CopyPaste, which was once a totally newly re-written version of the old CopyPaste Pro with new features, etc — but now Tidbits says the old CopyPaste Pro is still around and is now suddenly updated, so one might wonder why and how does it compare with CopyPaste. CopyPaste is still $30, CopyPaste Pro is $20 (supposedly discounted from $30). Since your update note said nothing, I thought I’d ask.

    Myself, I’ve been using iCopy but still have CopyPaste as an unused application.

  6. Thanks. As for myself, I’ve been using iClip but still have CopyPaste as an unused application. iClip (at seems the easiest and most complete solution for me. It is rarely reviewed anymore.

  7. Ah! Now I understand. I’ve pinged the head of PlumAmazing and we’ll see what he says.

  8. Hi Adam and friends,

    Thanks for the ping!

    Good question by Amilholl, "What is the difference between “CopyPaste” and “CopyPaste Pro?”.

    Here is a link to the definitive page that compares and contrasts the older CopyPaste Pro and the newer CopyPaste. There is also a little history on Mac clipboard.
    Comparison of the CopyPaste Pro and CopyPaste apps

    I hope all the answers can be found on that page.

    Nello, the iOS companion app is coming. It just takes time to do it right. Plus we are still hard at work on the Mac version.

    If you find anything on the page that needs fixing, is missing or isn’t clear, please let me know.

    Your questions will improve the page.

    Thanks for the ping!

    Julian of Plum Amazing

  9. Julian, can CopyPaste import clips from another utility (besides CopyPaste Pro)? I have 120,000 clips in ClipBuddy, which hasn’t been updated in a decade and is agonizingly slow to search even on Apple Silicon. ClipBuddy uses a SQLite database, and I can produce a .csv from that. I may be able to produce 120,000 individual text files (although ClipBuddy seems to crash after exporting a few thousand).

    CopyPaste looks very interesting otherwise. I have tried many other clipboard managers besides ClipBuddy, but most have a tiny arbitrary limit of a few dozen/hundred clips and/or can’t do basic things, like plaintext paste. An updated ClipBuddy would be ideal, but perhaps your product is what I’m looking for.

  10. 120,000 is a lot of clips. That is one of our goals, an infinite clip history. The older CopyPaste Pro can have a long history like that but can’t import your set. Currently the new CopyPaste does not have an infinite clip history because of memory use by the main menu, which shows and does a lot more than the older CopyPaste Pro. There is work we need to do on the new CopyPaste to separate it’s use from an infinite clip history and have a way to search/filter that entire history. That should come in the first quarter.

    We want to satisfy your desire for an infinite clip and supply a way to import that number of clips. We are a very small company so things that time. Thanks for the great question.

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