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Fantastical 3.4.2

Flexibits has issued Fantastical 3.4.2, adding options for custom app icons in the Dock and support for Working Elsewhere availability in Exchange. The calendar app also introduces support for getting information about selected events and tasks via AppleScript, moves some preferences from Appearance to a new Events & Tasks section, resolves an issue where combining identical events sometimes failed, fixes a bug that prevented adding attachments to Google events, addresses a problem with downloading Exchange attachments from old events, fixes a bug where the Zoom meeting options could appear offscreen, and resolves an issue where check availability wasn’t shown on some CalDAV servers. ($39.99 annual subscription from Flexibits and the Mac App Store, free update, 53.1 MB, release notes, macOS 10.13.2+)

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Comments About Fantastical 3.4.2

Notable Replies

  1. Hello, all. A little Flexibits help please.

    Tl;dr: Attempts to spend money on Flexibits Premium subscription have resulted in brokenness; support is also broken and seemingly unavailable.

    I have loved Cardhop on my iPhone, iPad and recently, Mac as well. It’s recently been bundled into the Flexibits Premium subscription. While, I like many, have issues with badly supported subscription models (and there are many) I also completely understand the need for recurring revenue for ANY business and DO and WILL subscribe to SUPPORTED software.

    So, because, of great love here and elsewhere for Fantastical I have signed up for a Premium account. Issues have arisen:

    1. I usually buy software from developers directly when possible because Apple tax, developer ability to be responsive when Apple often isn’t, etc. I bought Cardhop from App Store on iPhone, then created Premium account on Mac, downloaded from them directly. All is now broken and I can’t figure out why. No sync, no recognition of the new “account” and weird effects on my contacts seem to have been the only results. (Btw, this “split purchase” scenario should be directly addressed on their site; not, afaik.)

    2. I filled out a web form, no response, after quite a while. I should’ve researched an actual email address instead, my bad, but in any event, they should really answer.

    3. From what I can tell, there is ONLY email support, no chat or phone. There seem also to be no forums or any Flexibits community; no subreddit either, a really easy way to help users. Many devs do this and monitor discussion and questions as a way to see what’s happening with their products/users.

    4. I really don’t care about having no “credit” for the Cardhop purchase and if they WANT me to buy from Mac App Store instead of supporting them directly, I will but mostly, I just want it to work and be supported.

    Any thoughts much appreciated; Tidbits ftw for 30 years +!!


  2. I’ll ping the folks at Flexibits—perhaps your support request just got lost in the cracks somewhere.

  3. Hi David, it’s Adam from Flexibits here.

    Sorry you’ve had issues with getting a response from our support team, and thank you for persisting with our apps despite this.

    I searched our system for your full name, and I can see one of our support agents (David) actually sent you a reply on Monday 12th July – a few hours after you submitted your question via our web form.

    I wonder if this reply ended up in your spam folder? If it did, please whitelist us and respond to that message if you have any remaining questions.

    If you can’t see this message in your spam folder, please can you try opening another ticket on our website’s contact page? If for some reason you do not get a reply within 24 hours to this new ticket, please DM me here and I’ll get you up and running (and figure out why you can’t get responses from our support system).

    You can also reach out to us on Twitter (@flexibits) if you need anything (although more complex issues are best resolved via mail).

    Apologies for the hassle, and thanks again for sticking with Fantastical and Cardhop!

    P.S. Is it just me, or are there lots of Davids and Adams mentioned in this thread? :wink:

  4. Many thanks. I can’t wait to see if it did get lost and I promise to ‘fess up if so!

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