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Keyboard Maestro 10.0

Peter Lewis of Stairways Software has released Keyboard Maestro 10, a substantial update to the popular automation and clipboard utility. The new version makes sweeping changes, adding the capability to display information and custom menus in the menu bar, improving the macro editor with numerous interface tweaks and menu commands, and adding support for subroutines. New triggers can execute macros when the Mac unlocks, connects or disconnects from a power supply, or changes its system appearance (so you can trigger macros based on switching to or from Dark mode). New actions include Paste by Name (enabling Spotlight-like searches of the clipboard history), Prompt for Screen Rectangle or Location (for user selection of a portion of the screen), Display Progress for long tasks, Pause Until Change (which waits for some aspect of the system to change), and more. There are also numerous new filters, tokens, and functions that provide significantly more power without needing AppleScript or shell scripts, plus various minor changes and bug fixes, including the drily amusing, “Fixed a bug enabling the Send button in the Report Bugs form (irony).” Keyboard Maestro 10 is compatible with macOS 12 Monterey and runs natively on M1-based Macs. Upgrades from previous versions cost $25, or $18 for version 9 owners upgrading before 15 December 2021. Those who have purchased since 1 March 2021 will receive a free upgrade. ($36 new with a 20% discount for TidBITS members, $25 upgrade, 34.3 MB, release notes, macOS 10.13+)

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Comments About Keyboard Maestro 10.0

Notable Replies

  1. I have never really looked at this application.
    I am searching for a replacement to the subscription based Text Expander that I have been using for many years now.
    This app looks like it does what TE does, but a whole lot more.

    Is that a correct assumption?


  2. Keyboard Maestro can do some of what TextExpander can do, but you would have to set up each expansion separately, and I think they’d need some sort of modifier key when you wanted to invoke them (rather than just typing a string).

    The main alternatives to TextExpander are Typinator from Ergonis and TypeIt4Me from Riccardo Ettore. Both are good.

  3. I was looking at those as well. Looks like you can move your TE expansions over to either.
    Which way to go is a question.
    Anyone else have an opinion about which of these two, Typinator or Typeit4me, are better/easier/ to use?

    Thanks Adam…


  4. You can set macros in Keyboard Maestro to execute when you type a string. I have several that type common phrases for me for situations where Apple’s normal text expanding doesn’t work (like in Mail, website forms, etc).

  5. I use Typinator. Easy to use, does what I want and straightforward

  6. ccstone in the Clipboard Manager thread mentioned Typinator:

    For snippets/boilerplate to be reused I use Typinator. Of all of them I’m most satisfied with it for its very specific task and wish I could convince the guys at Ergonis to add Clipboard History to the mix.

  7. Same here. Plus they have excellent support.

  8. I appreciate the great feedback. Thank you

  9. IIRC, Typinator has been around since before TextExpander. I moved to it after also trying aText and wholeheartedly recommend Typinator.

  10. Thank you all for the recommendation!!


  11. Keyboard Maestro has Typed String triggers, and then can insert text from that, so for example I use =em= to expand to my email address.

    You can see a simple example at:

  12. In TE, I have a string that types in the date and time.
    Can I do that in Typinator?

    Thanks again…


  13. I used to use Typinator before I switched to Keyboard Maestro. Typinator worked well but it was a bit of an overkill for me. My needs are relatively simple and the text expansion feature in KM works just as well.

  14. I’m on the other side of that equation.

    I have 48914 expansions (and counting) that include the TidBITS Auto-Correction Set.

    I’m a well known proponent of Keyboard Maestro, but it would choke on them – and they’d be much more difficult to manage.



  15. You can easily do that in Keyboard Maestro as well. And much much more!!!

  16. Interesting. Do you use both applications together on the same Mac? Any conflicts, slowing down etc.?

  17. I installed AND purchased Typinator.
    Remembering that I was running an older stand alone version of TE, Typinator works far better and smoother.
    Very happy with that purchase.

    Now, need a replacement for 1Password…

    Thanks Adam

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