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Quicken 6.0

Quicken Inc. has released version 6.0 of Quicken for Mac, a major release for the financial management app that introduces a new modern interface plus compatibility with macOS 11 Big Sur and M1-based Macs. The update removes the title bar and replaces it with a new Q button for viewing file names and accessing your Quicken account, restyles the quick access items at the top of the Quicken window, and revamps the Account Settings window so you can more easily manage your accounts.

Quicken 6 also improves upon several recently introduced Net Worth reports (adding the capability to drill down on net worth report segments), changes the Customize button on the Report toolbar to an Edit button to better represent its purpose, adds a new Usage window that provides more detail regarding the number of payments you’ve made, brings a new Pay Another Bill button in the Quick Pay and Check Pay window, and now requires 10.13 High Sierra or later. Quicken features three annual subscription tiers (each of which has risen in price over the previous version): Starter at $35.99 per year, Deluxe at $51.99 per year (adds budget customization and debt tracking), and Premier at $77.99 per year (adds free online bill payment, a $119-per-year savings). Quicken Deluxe and Quicken Premier are currently on sale for $31.19 and $46.79 for a limited time. ($34.99/$51.99/$77.99 annual subscriptions, free update for subscribers, release notes, 86.2 MB, macOS 10.13+)

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Comments About Quicken 6.0

Notable Replies

  1. So if Quicken 6 for Mac will run on M1 Macs, does that mean that my copy of Quicken 7 for Mac Lion Compatible will also run? :laughing:

  2. FYI: An important feature of Quicken Deluxe that you forgot to mention is Investment tracking. That’s the sole reason I upgraded to it.

    Does anybody know of a way to get the discount price on a subscription renewal?
    As soon as I log in, the discounted price is replaced by the “standard” price.

  3. I don’t understand how that could possibly happen. 32-bit apps will never again run on modern macOS. 64-bit apps that are Intel only can use Rosetta 2 to add Apple Silicon code that will run on Big Sur.

  4. Which is why I’m :laughing:

    Perhaps they mean Quicken 2020?

  5. I looked at this when editing, and on at least a quick glance, the 2020 seems to have been dropped from the official name.

  6. Ah, that makes sense. I guess they have finished changing “2021” to “6”. Maybe instead of “2021” they should have used “38” since 2021 is that many years after the initial Quicken release.

  7. I have been out of the loop with Quicken. Can I upgrade to quicken 6 from Quicken 2017 and using imac with Mojave? I don’t want to go to Catalina or Big Sur because I have too many 32-bit applications.

  8. It’s compatible with macOS 10.13 High Sierra and later, so you’ll be able to run it in Mojave. In regards to upgrading from Quicken 2017, there’s no upgrade pricing — it’s all subscription now. But the Quicken support site has this to say:

    Your data will migrate from your current version to the newer version. It is a fast and easy process that happens as soon as you open your old data file in the new version of Quicken.

  9. Dear Agen: Thank you for answering my concerns. Everything seems to be a subscription these days. More $$ for the companies. I did go on to support page but didn’t come across the info you sent me. I really appreciate it. I hope you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and holiday. You made my day. Tori

  10. I started with Quicken Deluxe 2020, but it’s now Version 6.0.1, and as of November 27 it tells me my subscription has 366 days to go. The new version does not seem to break anything, but I also don’t see any see any big improvement in investment tracking, which still does not treat SEP-IRAs and other retirement accounts any differently from general investments, despite the different tax treatment.

  11. These comments make me pleased with my decision to move from Quicken to MoneyDance. There’s some Quicken features that I would like in MoneyDance but MoneyDance works outside of the US.

    I found Quicken provided no support for non-US financial management and its Australian reseller had no interest in supporting the Mac version. I had to use the Canadian version of Quicken for tax purposes and for the more sensible dd/mm/yyyy date format, but then Quicken decided not to allow upgrades to non US or Canadian Mac owners. Onto of all this, the Mac version of Quicken had a much reduced feature set.

    Quicken for Mac might have improved but I’ve no interest in finding out.

  12. A major deal killer with MoneyDance for me was the lack of local WiFi sync. I refuse to use a product that requires you to give them your financial data for “cloud storage” or “syncing”.

  13. Moneydance does have a “Shared Folder" Sync option for syncing between devices on a local network. Note that even the cloud options actually use Dropbox as the host of the Sync folder; there is no sharing with the Moneybox folks. Note that IOS syncing does require using Dropbox so that syncing can occur in real-time. See here for details.

  14. I’ll see if “Shared Folder” will work for going between my desktop and my iPhone or if I can use iTFS. I don’t need “real-time” syncing; manual syncing via WiFi or USB cable is more than enough for my use. I don’t trust having my sensitive data “in-the-cloud” so I won’t use Dropbox for that reason.

  15. I use MoneyDance and the shared folder option to sync between multiple Macs on my network. But it doesn’t work for the iOS version of MoneyDance. I think right now you have to use Dropbox for that.

  16. FWIW, MoneyDance says that iCloud sync is coming soon.

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