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Quicken 6.1

Quicken Inc. has published version 6.1 of Quicken for Mac, a maintenance release for the financial management app that introduces new reconcile functionality and more consistent behavior for saving reports. The update now ensures all of your reconciled sessions are remembered and can be reviewed in the new Reconcile History window, prompts you to save reports to ensure the changes are what you want saved, displays the amount of a previous payment when paying a bill using Quick Pay or Check Pay, enables you to choose the date you want a Check Pay payment to arrive by, and resolves a bug that deleted some QuickFill rules after editing and syncing. ($34.99/$51.99/$77.99 annual subscriptions, free update for subscribers, release notes, 86.2 MB, macOS 10.13+)

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Comments About Quicken 6.1

Notable Replies

  1. Doing my taxes I noted that a couple of payments I received did not appear under the proper category in Quicken when I sorted my business records until I dug them out and retyped the category name, which made no change I could see. The only clue I had of these payments was that the total on the 1099 was higher than the total Quicken showed for that income source. I switched to Quicken 6 during 2020, but those payments came in afterwards. I also had another 1099 that I cannot reconcile with the listed income, but it was only a few dollars off so I will accept the 1099 number. I am not certain if the fumbles were mine or Quicken’s, but they was disturbing.

  2. blm

    It’s hard to say, but I will say I’ve received 5 1099’s (2 brokerage, 3 bank), and the one instance they didn’t exactly match what I had in Quicken was clearly my fault. I haven’t received my biggest, it should be available the middle of this month (with a corrected one the middle of March :smirk:), so I’ll see how that matches (at least as much as I’d expect it to. A number of items will be dividends whose categorizations aren’t available until the 1099.)

  3. Reconciliation history makes me very happy. Currently, if the previous balance number doesn’t match your statement, there’s no way to figure out why, unlike in previous versions of Quicken which had this feature. I’ve had to make three adjustment entries with this new Quicken after not having had to make one in the previous 20+ years of using Quicken. I’ve been doing my best to be patient while they try to get this rewrite feature-complete with older versions and they keep rewarding that patience.

  4. FWIW, I’ve been resisting switching from Windows Quicken to MacQuicken for somewhat more than twenty years, and am gladder now than ever. (Currently running a VMware image just for this.)

  5. Some more analysis indicates that the problems stemmed from Transfers, where I moved incoming business payments from my “receivables” category to my bank account. I had found it very difficult to get function right for a while, and eventually took doing a drag and drop into the bank account. The troubling result was that while the transactions were listed under the same category (i.e., client name) and deposited in the bank, they NOT were added to that category and were NOT included anywhere else in the annual accounts, as they should have if they were listed under an incorrect category or if no category was listing.

    I was unable to reconcile payment records for book royalties I receive from Amazon, which come in a few separate payments per month. The payments are small, and the difference added up to just a few dollars a month, so I eventually gave up. I never had those problems with Quicken 2007.

    The bottom line is that I’m not happy with Quicken 6.1, and I am worried that the reports I can produce that detail my expenses may not be adequate for finding records we need, like when appliances were purchased when they have to be repaired or replaced. I used to be able to do that from Quicken 2007 reports.

  6. I am still on Quicken 2007, on an older machine. I’ve tried the new reiterations a number of times, most recent being 2016-2018 and always end up going back. If I am ever forced to change, I think it will be to a different program :frowning:


  7. I’m a Quicken user since MacMoney from Survivor Software died ages ago. I also ran Q2007 on an older machine for several years then ran two computers for 2019, one for Q2007 and the other for the then current Quicken version. 2020 was only on newer Quicken. Really not much of a learning curve moving to the “newer” Quicken and I’ve found it rock solid. And though I’m not a fan of subscriptions their improvement/update/bug fix schedule has been excellent.

    I looked at all the other options at the end of 2019 and stuck with Quicken…and I’m very happy that I did so.

  8. blm

    I’m basically in the same boat (although I came to Quicken from Managing Your Money :slight_smile: ). I actually ran Quicken (2019 at the time I think) and a few other packages in parallel for a month (importing all my transactions from Quicken 2007, entering new transactions everywhere, reconciling everywhere, etc.) and based on features, ease of use, look and feel, stability, etc, went with Quicken. And while I dislike subscriptions too, they regularly sent me deals so I got a two year subscription for what purchasing non-demo copies of most of the other packages would have cost me. I’ve never had a problem with Quicken (features I’d like to see added of course, but no actual problems) and I reconcile all my accounts against their statements monthly. I’m happy with Quicken.

  9. I switched from Quicken 2007 to SEE Finance 2 in anticipation of being forced into Catalina or Big Sur at some point. For my needs it has been a big improvement. I’ve managed to replicate most of my extensive set of reports, though for one of them I have to export to Excel. Being able to quickly search on all transactions sure is nice. I’m a Canadian investor so having currency support is great, though at this time it only supports the current exchange rate, rather than the rate in effect as of an acquisition or report date. My wife and I both need to update the database and the iCloud support allows us both to have the file open concurrently. The import of our large database went very smoothly. The developer is highly responsive to support and enhancement requests. The only downside is I believe he is a shop of one. In fact there was a period during the pandemic where no support was provided at all. But the product is great and if I ever have to switch again I believe that the QIF export will be as the smooth as the Import was. There’s a trial version at the vendor’s site.

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