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Safari 14.0.1

Apple has released Safari 14.0.1 for macOS 10.15 Catalina and 10.14 Mojave to patch several security vulnerabilities. The Web browser improves input validation to deal with an address bar spoofing issue and tweaks memory management to prevent maliciously crafted Web content from executing arbitrary code. You can download Safari 14.0.1 only via System Preferences > Software Update. (Free, macOS 10.15 and 10.14)

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Comments About Safari 14.0.1

Notable Replies

  1. Careful if installing this update on Mojave (10.14): there is a major bug which prevents file upload in Safari from working.

  2. MR

    Has anyone else noticed, since updating to Safari 14.0.1, that .webloc files in the Finder now have a generic (blank white) document icon? They still seem to function properly (QuickLook, launching in Safari), but the generic icon is new and seems to have started after the 14.0.1 update. (OS 10.15.7 Catalina)

  3. I just noticed that yesterday. My .webloc files still have the Safari icon until I double click, then they change to the generic white thing.

  4. My current version is 10.15.7 (19H15).

  5. I would be more forceful. Simply do not instal the 14.0.1 update if you are running Mojave. 14.0 itself is OK. As Mark says, you can no longer upload to anything. Apple does not seem too concerned about fixing it.

  6. Yes; I thought it was just me, or some other malfunction :-)

  7. FWIW, uploading to the Media Library in WordPress from Safari 14.0.1 worked fine for me.

    Yes, I can confirm this, again in Catalina 10.15.7 (19H15). Seems to be just cosmetic. I haven’t tried restarting or doing other things that might fiddle the LaunchServices database.

  8. In the thread I linked to above you’ll see that resetting LS database (at least in my case) did absolutely nothing to fix the generic blank icon issue.

  9. Just to add a counter-anecdote, pressing the button control “Select Media” on Wordpress’s Media Library add media page to choose an item to upload does nothing for me on Mojave and Safari 14.0.1. (Dragging an item to the drag-and-drop area does work, however). The same thing happens on Overcast’s upload page (which doesn’t have a drag-and-drop area to add media.) Both work fine on Catalina.

    [edit] I should note that this remained the same after disabling all extensions, though I only use two (Brave ad blocker and 1Password).

  10. This update on Mojave brings pop-up ads. Some related to previous searches for goods, even though I use DuckDuckGo. Other ads as well
    I am at the point of changing default browser,

  11. Sounds more like adware to me. Certainly I’m not getting anything at all like that in the same environment. Any extensions you don’t recall having installed?

  12. It seems to be some sort of tracking. No, I don’t remember having installed anything unusual. I did enable a devonthink extension. I’ll disable it again. But that shouldn’t have any bearing

  13. Recently noticed a problem with Safari 14.0.1 in Mojave (10.14.6). I help admin a site running forum software. One frequently used functions is to attach an image to a post. Trying to do that, I discovered the (probably javascript function) “Choose File” button would not bring up the normal system/Finder file Navigation dialog.

    Spent hours uninstalling/disabling/settings checking to no avail. Checked this app/OS combo on two other Mac’s (a new mini and a 2yo MBP). They all had the same problem! At least I now quit blaming myself for creating the problem! :innocent:

    I finally went to the Apple Support forums and found that over 175 people were reporting the same problem with this same configuration. My cynical self sees this as another “request” to upgrade to Catalina or Big Sur. :open_mouth: My logical self thinks it’s just poor quality control. I added my bug report to Apple’s “Feedback” list, but I doubt many man-hours will be spent on a problem in such an “old” OS. :roll_eyes:

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