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Safari 14.0.2

Apple has released Safari 14.0.2 for macOS 10.15 Catalina and 10.14 Mojave to patch a single security vulnerability. The Web browser improves memory management to prevent maliciously crafted Web content from executing arbitrary code. You can download Safari 14.0.2 only via System Preferences > Software Update. (Free, release notes, macOS 10.15 and 10.14)

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Comments About Safari 14.0.2

Notable Replies

  1. Safari 14 introduced a terrible bug on Mojave. It won’t open the ‘select file’ dialog for sites where I can upload files. (This includes the UNH site where I’m supposed to submit my homework.) I’ve tried just about everything but a clean install of Mojave. (And I can’t roll forward because I have 32 bit apps that I still depend on.)

  2. Can you use a different web browser while waiting for Apple to fix their bug?

    I use Firefox for most of my browsing.

    If you would like something based on the Chromium engine and don’t want Google software on your computer, I recommend Microsoft Edge.

  3. It does work with Firefox, so I know it’s a Safari thing. My pattern these days is to use Firefox exclusively for Facebook, CNN and other ‘untrusted spy sites’, and do the rest of my browsing in Safari.

  4. I recently updated my MacBook Pro 12,1, and my 2012 Mac Pro 5,1 to Mojave, and then applied the Safari 14.0.1 Update and the 10.14.6 Security Update and 10.14.6 macOS Supplemental Update.

    Then I discovered problems that are really aggravating…

    Using any app that allows a file upload - specifically browsers and Apple’s selecting a file that is in my macOS Photos app.

    Chrome simply can’t see inside the Photos library now whereas it could in High Sierra. The Photos selection screen comes up and says “Open Photos to see your photos in this list”. Nothing I’ve tried from Googling has fixed this problem - it seems that Chrome won’t ask for permission so see my Photos, and I can’t seem to tell my computer that it’s OK for Chrome to see my photos.

    What’s even more annoying though is that with the Safari Update and the Supplemental Update even Safari couldn’t see my Photos from the file selector when I choose to upload a file and that file is in my Photos library.

    So I reverted my MacBook Pro back to original 10.14.6 without the Safari update (it’s running Safari 12.0.2 currently) and at least Safari can again see inside my Photos library to select a photo for Facebook.

    Has anyone else experienced this problem?

    Does anyone know how to fix it so ideally Chrome as well as Safari and Mail could see inside the Photos library? - to force them to ask the permission and then when approved be able to access the photos - it seems Chrome simply won’t ask. (I just tried Word 2011 and that did ask to access the photos). Firefox also won’t ask - just tells me “Open Photos to see your photos in this list”.

    Bloody Aggravating.



  5. I found this problem beginning with 14.0.1. I reinstalled Mojave and added the security update again, skipping 14.01, and found everything working well again with 14.0. From what I’ve read in Apple Community posts, the problem continues with 14.0.2 in Mojave.

  6. Are people still seeing this upload problem. I wanted to reproduce it in 14.0.2 before upgrading to 14.0.3, but I’m having no problems getting a file upload dialog in both Gmail and Dropbox. Not sure where else to test.

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