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Safari 14.0.3

On 1 February 2021, Apple released Safari 14.0.3 for macOS 10.15 Catalina and 10.14 Mojave with fixes for three security vulnerabilities in WebKit. Now the company has updated Safari 14.0.3 to address another WebKit vulnerability that could allow malicious Web content to execute arbitrary code, changing only the build numbers this time. For Catalina, the new build number (look in Safari > About Safari) is 15610., and for Mojave, it’s 14610. You can download Safari 14.0.3 only via System Preferences > Software Update. Given the narrow scope of this update, it’s probably best to install sooner rather than later. (Free, release notes, macOS 10.15 and 10.14)

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Comments About Safari 14.0.3

Notable Replies

  1. There’s a comment on Mr. Macintosh’s post about the associated OS updates that suggests that this update to Safari addressed the problem with not being able to click Upload buttons. Can anyone who was having this problem confirm?

  2. Does this mean there are basically 2 versions of Safari 14.0.3???

    If so, this situation is very annoying, and ridiculous (on the part of Apple).

  3. Sorry, I misunderstood the question.

  4. My understanding is that one of the bits of the macOS used by Safari has been revised so that this is a new build of the app adjusted to use that revised bit of the OS. Presumably a small change that was important enough to be distributed quickly, and one that did not justify several GB of security update.

    My version went to v14.0.3 (14610. from v14.0.3 (14610.

  5. Hello,

    Here is my point: If you have 2 pieces of Safari (or whatever), which behave differently, then you do not assign the same version number to the 2 differently-behaving pieces.

    I worked in avionics software for a bazillion years, and the FAA would never stand for assigning the same version number to 2 pieces of software which BEHAVED DIFFERENTLY !!

    The FAA is correct in this interpretation of what a software version number means.

    You’re telling me Apple could not assign a new version number of 14.0.4 to the updated Safari?? Come on !!

    (BTW, I don’t care if the same version of Safari (or whatever) is shared amongst all the macOS versions (with build numbers to differentiate which macOS is used). As long as the behavior of Safari is identical running within any particular macOS.)

  6. Yes, I realized that, apologized for misunderstanding and deleted my post about an hour earlier.

  7. Hi Phil,

    Mainframe background with the occasional bit of assembler — nothing which carried the possibility of immediately life-threatening consequences.

    I believe the full descriptor of my updated web browser is “Safari v14.0.3 (14610.”. My wife refers to it as “Safari” and would struggle to identify the version number . . . and might respond with scorn if I pressed her to find the build number.

    What do you think would be gained by calling it “Safari v14.0.4 (nnnnn.n.n.n.n)” as opposed to Apple’s choice ?

  8. I apologize to Al. I noticed his amended note, after I sent my second note.

    To Andrew, I am leaving the conversation. I don’t agree with Apple’s method of assignment of version numbers. I don’t want to address this issue any further.

  9. We published an article explaining all the version numbers a while back.

    As to why Apple didn’t bump Safari to 14.0.4, there’s no telling. I suspect it has to do with the fact that the 14.0.3 number is shared among three macOS versions, and 14.0.4 might already be underway for macOS 11.3.

  10. I had this problem once before, but it was with Safari 14.0.1. I just verified on my iMac with Mojave that uploads were working fine on 14.0.3 before I installed this latest update. Anyway, it’s working fine for me after the update as well.

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