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Current Sponsors

Our current long-term sponsors (12 issues or more) are listed here, in order of longevity.

Sponsor Welcome Article
Bare Bones Software

"We're happy to announce our latest sponsor, the well-known Bare Bones Software. For those vacationing without satellite Internet connections in Outer Mongolia for the last few years, Bare Bones is best known for BBEdit, their powerful text editor, and Mailsmith, which brings BBEdit's text-editing and searching power to email. Originally, Bare Bones aimed BBEdit squarely at the programmer market, and it's still considered the best programmer's editor by many developers. But in a bit of inspired genius, when HTML became popular, Bare Bones added support for HTML into BBEdit, turning it into the HTML editor of choice..." More
CrashPlan (Code 42)

"We're pleased to welcome Code42 Software, makers of the backup software CrashPlan, to the coterie of long-term TidBITS sponsors. Backup software is one of those topics near and dear to our hearts, since a solid backup strategy has prevented us from losing essential data (not to mention untold hours of work) on numerous occasions over the last 20 years..." More

"We're extremely happy to welcome as our latest long-term sponsor Smile, makers of PDFpen, TextExpander, DiscLabel, and PageSender. What's especially pleasing about having Smile joining our select group of sponsors is that we've known the principals - Greg Scown, Philip Goward, and Jean MacDonald - for many years, and we've watched as Smile has grown into one of the most well-known utility companies in the Macintosh software space..." More
ScanSnap (Fujitsu)

"We’re pleased to welcome as our latest long-term TidBITS sponsor Fujitsu, makers of the ScanSnap family of document scanners for home and small business use. They have been stalwarts in the Macintosh world for years, and it’s not an exaggeration to say that the ScanSnap was a key piece in Joe Kissell’s efforts to eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) paper in his life, leading to the publication of “Take Control of Your Paperless Office.”" More
Das Keyboard (Metadot)

"We’re pleased to welcome as our latest long-term TidBITS sponsor Metadot, makers of Das Keyboard, a proud entry in the “loud and we know it” category of tactile keyboards. As anyone who has read TidBITS over the years knows, I care deeply about my keyboard, since it’s my main conduit to my Mac. Pointing devices are important, certainly, but as a writer, how quickly and accurately I can get words down on the screen is paramount...”" More
Transporter (Connected Data)

"We’re pleased to welcome as our latest TidBITS sponsor an entirely new company — Connected Data, Inc., — whose storage-industry veteran founders last created the Drobo and have now come up with the Transporter social storage device. It’s an odd term — social storage — but it’s apt, since what the Transporter does is enable you to share data across the Internet in a totally controlled fashion. You share with only the people you want, or even just other Transporters and computers of your own, but unlike services such as Dropbox and SugarSync, your data is never stored in the cloud, and there are no recurring fees..." More