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Edit iCal Event Titles Directly

In the Leopard version of iCal, double-clicking an event shows a summary of the event, and to edit the name (or anything else), you must click the Edit button in the summary pop-up. To bypass the summary and edit pop-ups entirely, Option-double-click the event name. That selects the text for editing, and you can make any changes you want. Click outside the event to save your changes.



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Why Apple Added a Male Voice to Siri

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One of the less-discussed features in iOS 7 is the new male voice for Siri, but why is Apple adding it now? According to Stanford professor Clifford Nass, one cringeworthy reason could be because female voices are sometimes seen as less intelligent than male voices. These cultural perceptions are the reason why Siri originally received male voices in some countries, like the United Kingdom, but not in others. For example, BMW had to recall a car in Germany, because male drivers didn’t trust the female voice chosen for the GPS. A better reason? Apple wants to let users customize the iOS experience more fully, though it seems unlikely that Apple would go as far as including the celebrity voices used by GPS makers TomTom and Garmin.favicon follow link


Comments about Why Apple Added a Male Voice to Siri

Lou Oser  2013-06-13 11:31
Although I don't know why we need a reason for the added male voice choice, to those familiar with hearing loss, the obvious reason is for accessibility. Hearing loss usually begins in the high ranges making a female voice harder to understand than a male voice.
Ted Stoffers  2013-06-17 21:58
I have some hearing loss. I have noticed that I trouble understanding some women's voices, air conditioning, wind noise, or other conversations can mask the sound.
Konrad  2013-06-19 22:46
It's well know SAC in the 50's/60's used female voices in high stress situations to give male pilots warnings. This example is for the B-58 but there were others. No idea about current practices.