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Adam Engst 3 comments

NewClimate Institute Reacts to Apple’s Carbon Neutral Apple Watch Claims

While noting that Apple is doing a better job than most multinationals with regard to the transparency and integrity of its climate pledges and strategies, the NewClimate Institute finds that Apple’s claims of carbon neutrality somewhat exaggerated.

Adam Engst 7 comments

iFixit Puts Apple’s FineWoven Case Under the Microscope

Curious about Apple’s FineWoven fabric? iFixit looks at the FineWoven iPhone case under a high-powered microscope before and after subjecting it to scratches, liquids, and more.

Adam Engst 9 comments

Orion Turns a USB-C iPad into a Portable HDMI Monitor

In a brief break from working on their Halide camera app, the developers at Lux have come up with Orion, which turns a USB-C–equipped iPad into an external HDMI display for any device that outputs HDMI video.

Adam Engst No comments

iFixit Retroactively Reduces iPhone 14 Repairability Score Due to Parts Pairing

Repair company iFixit has dropped the iPhone 14’s repairability score after community pushback thanks to Apple's reliance on parts pairing, which requires that new parts be cryptographically paired with the devices in which they're installed. Does Apple’s recent support for California’s Right to Repair Act hold out hope for change?

Adam Engst 11 comments

iPhone 12 Sales Blocked in France over Radiation Levels

A French watchdog has ordered that Apple stop selling the iPhone 12 in France unless it reduces the amount of radiation emitted to meet European standards. Apple says it already complies.

Adam Engst 1 comment

Do You Use It? iPhone 14 Pro Always-On Display

This week’s Do You Use It? poll asks owners of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max if they keep the Always-On display enabled or disabled everyday use.

Adam Engst 1 comment

Do You Use It? iPhone Weather Apps

After last week’s Do You Use It? poll asked if you use Apple's Weather app on your iPhone, this follow-up poll asks which third-party apps you prefer. We’ll report on the results of both polls and more in a future article.

Adam Engst 3 comments

Adobe Co-Founder John Warnock Dead at 82

Dr. John Warnock co-founded Adobe with Chuck Geschke, and the inclusion of their PostScript page description language in Apple’s LaserWriter sparked the desktop publishing revolution.

Adam Engst 1 comment

Do You Use It? Apple’s Weather on the iPhone

This week's Do You Use It? poll asks how you check the weather on your iPhone, and if it’s not using Apple's Weather app, which app you prefer.

Adam Engst 6 comments

The Verge Commemorates 25 Years of the iMac

A four-part series of articles at The Verge pay homage to the iMac, the computer that saved Apple and gave the entire computer world new direction.

Adam Engst 1 comment

Do You Use It? Proxy Icons

This week's Do You Use It? poll asks how often you use proxy icons? Not even sure what they are? We hope that once we report on the results, you'll become a convert.

Adam Engst 22 comments

SanDisk Portable SSD Failures Proliferate

If you rely on a SanDisk portable SSD, be sure to back up its contents, given the prevalence of failures resulting in data loss.

Adam Engst 15 comments

CNET Deletes Thousands of Old Articles to Juice SEO

Gizmodo writer Thomas German has discovered that CNET is deleting thousands of old articles in an effort to improve search engine optimization for newer articles, despite Google saying it’s a bad idea.

Adam Engst 1 comment

Do You Use It? Spotlight on the Mac

This week's Do You Use It? poll asks if you use Spotlight on the Mac and—given the breadth of its capabilities—what you use it for.

Adam Engst 13 comments

Apple Card Savings Hits $10 Billion in Deposits

Apple has revealed the value of deposits in Apple Card Savings accounts, perhaps as part of its negotiations with Goldman Sachs, which is reportedly looking to leave the relationship due to losses.