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Avoid Naming Pear Note Files

If you create a lot of documents, coming up with a name for them can sometimes be a hassle. This is especially true now that search is becoming a more prevalent way to find documents. Pear Note provides a way to have the application automatically generate a filename so you can avoid this hassle. To use this:

  1. Open Saving under Pear Note's preferences.
  2. Select a default save location.
  3. Select a default save name template (Pear Note's help documents all the fields that can be automatically filled in).
  4. Check the box stating that Command-S saves without prompting.
  5. If you decide you want to name a particular note later, just use Save As... instead.

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Get 1 GB of Dropbox Space for Installing Mailbox

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Dropbox has added another way to increase the size of your Dropbox account for free. In an effort to promote the company's recently acquired Mailbox app for iOS, Dropbox is awarding 1 GB of free space to everyone who installs Mailbox and links it to Dropbox. Mailbox currently supports only Gmail, though support for other platforms is promised.Generic Globefollow link


Comments about Get 1 GB of Dropbox Space for Installing Mailbox  2013-08-17 18:25
Impossible to link to Google account with iPad mini. Tappable confirmation button completely cropped away. Developer alerted. Film at 11.  2013-08-19 17:16
Brief short between the headphones here. That cropped window was scrollable. It just did not "look" scrollable. Big Duh!
Tommy Weir  2013-08-18 06:30
People should check out Boxer, an alternative mail client built with To Dos in mind for iOS. It works with any mail service, IMAP, iCloud, Exchange etc. Works in a similar fashion to Mailbox, swipe to perform various actions, with a focus on clearing your email Inbox to zero and having a set of emails designated as actionable. No iPad version as of yet, but promised. I have invites if people so wish, @TommyW on Twitter might be best.