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Option-Click in Scroll Bars for Jump Scrolling

In Mac OS X in general, and thus in most native Mac OS X applications, hold down the Option key and click anywhere in a window's scroll bar to jump to that spot (rather than scrolling one screen). If you like this behavior, you can make it the default in the Appearance preference pane. For "Click in the scroll bar to:" select "Jump to here."


30 Years after Macintosh, Viewed through iPhone

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On 24 January 2014, Apple shot a remarkable commercial to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Macintosh. The company sent 15 camera crews around the world to shoot the footage over the course of 36 hours, all on the iPhone 5s. The ad shows a number of scenes that would have been science fiction 30 years ago: a man configuring his artificial limbs with an iPhone, children controlling robots with a MacBook, and another guy flying multiple drones via sensors on his arms, wired into a MacBook. The video was directed by Jake Scott, son of legendary filmmaker Ridley Scott, who directed the original “1984” ad. Be sure to read the story of how it was made after the video plays.favicon follow link


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Mack Knife  2014-02-03 11:52
And no one bothers to ask why Apple became what it was against in that TV commercial. 1984? Use only what Apple says, buy only what it sells or says you can buy, hold the product a certain way and lets not forget, you are the problem, not the device.
Sounds like an antenna-gate person. Get a free protective case or buy iphone 5.
Chris Dunleavy  2014-02-03 13:08
Ridley Scott's 1984 Macintosh commercial needed no further explanation. Would have been helpful to provide a description of all of the scenes in the 30th anniversary commercial for "the rest of us."