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Learn to Code with Apple

To support the Hour of Code on 11 December 2014, Apple Stores around the world are offering free one-hour introductory programming classes for kids. Apple is also hosting featured events at Apple Stores in New York, Chicago, London, Berlin, Tokyo, and Osaka. Follow the link to see if one will be offered near you.favicon follow link


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Andy Suhaka  An apple icon for a TidBITS Contributor 2014-12-04 19:47
I took Fortran IV in 1968 in college. If it weren't for my boyfriend (later husband), I would have crashed & burned. I found out I'm just not a linear thinker! I loved math & science courses, & the Fortran, but couldn't make it work. I wasn't born to code, I'm afraid.
Anonymous  2014-12-04 20:04
OK Josh... I signed up at my local Apple Store after which I was given the full title of the course that ended with "for Kids". Heck, I'm a big kid. I'm going anyway!
Jim Kessler  2014-12-05 06:20
I'm tempted to sign up too, but I'd suggest canceling your reservation and giving someone younger the chance to register. There's a reason Apple mentioned "for kids" in the course description.
Anonymous  2014-12-10 09:41
Jim, you are correct in you assertion that I should cancel and I have done so. I hope the "kid" enjoys the program. Still chiding Josh for not mentioning the event was for kids and wishing Apple would offer a program for "seniors"...