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Apple Ending Support for AOL Logins

If you still use an AOL username to sign in to the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store, you must convert it to an Apple ID before 31 March 2015. As of that date, Apple will no longer support AOL usernames for logging in to those services.favicon follow link


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Dennis B. Swaney  2015-02-24 10:38
It would be nice if Apple would have sent out notifications. I've been using my AOL email address as an Apple ID since 2003 (IIRC). I've wanted merge it with my Dot Mac Apple ID for years, but Apple refuses to do something a high school computer student can do: merge two databases. Now Apple is saying I can't use my "" as an Apple ID anymore; I have to create a new one and lose all record of my iTunes purchases?

According to topics in Apple Discussions, I'm supposed to be prompted to change it when I log in to the iTunes Store, but I'm not.