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Apple Stores Drive Mall Traffic

Traditionally, so-called “anchor stores” have been the main attractions at shopping malls. But as old-fashioned department stores become less relevant, Apple is becoming a major driver of mall traffic. An Apple Store can lift mall sales by 10 percent, and as a result, Apple can get much better deals on rent than similarly sized stores.favicon follow link


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tzabar  An apple icon for a TidBITS Supporter 2015-03-23 09:35
I couldn't post a comment on WSJ without subscribing.

The display on my 20” iMac was fading, on 12/26/13 I took it to the Apple Store in Fairlawn, OH for assessment. It would cost over $500 to replace the failing logic board and HD. I declined and the Genius offered to hold my broken iMac behind the counter while I shopped for a new one. While I’m talking to a salesman the Genius brought my iMac to the showroom floor and slipped it beside us without saying anything. Shortly after, it was picked up and taken out of the store. There are several professional and knowledgeable Apple employees at this store but the theft was handled poorly and a photo of the thief from their ever-running surveillance camera couldn’t be given to the police, stating protection of the shoppers privacy.

Besides my broken iMac, I lost an external drive with my latest backup, prepared to have a transfer to a new computer.

I felt vulnerable walking to my car with my newly purchased iMac across a dark parking lot. I decided then to buy any future computers on-line, delivered to my house needing my signature and presence. For service, I will go to a local Apple Service Provider. They are not in a mall.