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Tim Cook Takes the Blame for Apple’s Lack of Diversity

Apple CEO Tim Cook sat down with Mashable’s Christina Warren to discuss Apple’s diversity, or lack thereof. Apple’s first diversity report from last year showed that Apple’s workforce is 70 percent male. “I think it’s our fault — ‘our’ meaning the whole tech community. I think in general we haven’t done enough to reach out and show young women that it’s cool to do it and how much fun it can be,” Cook said. Cook hopes to increase Apple’s diversity by reaching out to female students and historically black colleges. Apple has also extended WWDC scholarships to STEM organizations in order to bring in more diverse attendees.favicon follow link


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David Weintraub  2015-06-16 12:34
I noticed that several women gave presentations during the keynote. I don't know if there had been women involved in the keynote.
Adam Engst  An apple icon for a TidBITS Staffer 2015-06-16 16:05
Yes, that was a welcome sight. Someone said they were the first women to have presented during a WWDC keynote; there have been women on stage in other Apple keynotes before, though not many.
Josh Centers  2015-06-16 18:48
Even more interesting is that a couple of women presented at the Platforms State of the Union, which is strictly for developers.