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Jim Dalrymple Quits Apple Music, Calling It a “Nightmare”

When longtime Apple journalist and fan Jim Dalrymple is angry with Apple, you know something’s wrong. Dalrymple has announced on his blog, The Loop, that he’s “done” with Apple Music after it wrecked his extensive iTunes library. The first problem arose when he tried to add songs from different albums that iTunes saw as duplicates and ignored. Later, it jumbled up his albums, refused to sync between devices, and when he disabled Apple Music, it took 4,700 of his songs with it. “I trusted my data to Apple and they failed. I also failed by not backing up my library before installing Apple Music. I will not make either of those mistakes again,” Dalrymple said.favicon follow link


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JohnB (SciFiOne)   2015-07-23 15:57
This is why I am a late adopter and why all my music and other files are backed up multiple times, some of which have nothing to do with Apple or any other OS and some which are only connected to the computer when actually needed. Even on the computer, the music is there twice, once in my own separate folder, and second in the iTunes folder. I think I'll consider a data DVD of my music though.
Waldova  2015-07-23 22:06
On balance, I like Jim's reporting but the fact is he's awfully quick to heap praise on a new Apple product or service. Perhaps after this episode, he'll take a more balanced view of things and use a product or service for a bit before rendering a judgement or making a recommendation.
James Katt  2015-07-24 03:03
I am shocked that a "longtime Apple journalist" is not savvy enough to keep a backup of his music in case disaster - like a fire or theft or hardware failure - occurs. If some of his music files are so unique that he has no ability to obtain replacements, that it is utterly stupid that he has no backup. At the very least, he should have 3 backups to external drives, and then online backups to Crashplan. Crashplan allows you to keep all versions of your files. This way if the music file is changed you still have access to the original file. If Dalrymple had a backup, he would not have tantrum as he did.
Yeah I noticed that too. His music library is twice the size of mind but auto backups would still fit nicely on one TB external hard drive, so not having this made his complaints the equal of a three year-old crying for attention,