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The Rise and Fall of Mac User Groups

We love and have long supported Mac user groups, but this New York Times article does a good job of describing the fading state of many MUGs. Despite (or perhaps in part due to) the vastly larger size of the Apple user base, most groups are suffering falling attendance, though they still succeed at meeting the needs of their aging members. In a statement, Apple told the Times that the company was “honored to have the support of loyal customers like the members of Mac user groups, many of whom have been part of the Apple community for decades.”favicon follow link


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dbrugger  2015-09-09 10:07
Washington Apple Pi is a great MUG and yes, membership is in decline. But it is still a good group from which to learn, especially for the elders among us and the members who do remain (and come to the SIGs) have the patience to help and explain what they are doing. Young Geniuses are nice but not so good on the patience side of the assistance.