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Steve Jobs Tried to Woo Woz Back to Apple

In an interview about the new Steve Jobs movie, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak revealed an interesting tidbit: before Jobs died, he asked if Wozniak wanted to return to Apple. Wozniak turned him down, but it’s interesting to ponder what he might have done at the company, or if he would still have had a place there. As for the movie, on which he was a consultant, Wozniak gave it his seal of approval despite its many fictitious details. “The movie is not about reality. It’s about personalities,” Wozniak said.favicon follow link


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Alan Sanders  2015-10-19 21:28
The fact is that Steve Wozniak hasn't done that much with his considerable talent since the early days; but had he re-joined Apple, he might very well have been the only person in the company (besides Steve Jobs himself) capable of coming up with genuinely original ideas out of thin air. To judge by the products Apple has released since Steve Jobs' death, no one currently employed by Apple has this particular talent.