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Apple Offers Prorated AppleCare Refunds

Over at Macworld, Glenn Fleishman reveals that Apple offers prorated refunds for AppleCare. In the United States, the formula for how much money you’ll get back is: “Original cost pro-rated for time remaining less the value of any service used and less a cancellation fee of either $25 or 10 percent of the pro-rated remaining value, whichever is lower.” Glenn says he wouldn’t recommend a refund for most people, but it’s useful for people who are trading their phones in to a carrier or for anyone who loses a Mac due to theft or damage.favicon follow link


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Chris Kohuch  2015-10-17 00:30
Yup. Definitely something to keep in mind. Several years ago my sister had her home broken into and her MacBook Pro was among the items stolen. While home insurance paid for a new computer, it was nice to be able to cancel her remaining AppleCare and receive a $100+ refund.