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Mellel 3.5

by Josh Centers

RedleX has released Mellel 3.5 [1], a notable update that improves the word processor’s layout capabilities through the addition of independent text boxes. You can customize these text boxes via a popover that lets you set width, height, padding, fill color and transparency, frame type and color, and corner radius. You can also style the text inside text boxes, and set text boxes to float or anchor to a position. A Smart Snap feature lets you align both text boxes and images to the edges and center of the page or to each other. Mellel 3.5 also enables you to round the corners of images, set dashed or dotted frame types, and edit the weight of lines. RedleX also promises that “many, many bugs were securely removed from Mellel.” ($39 new from RedleX and the Mac App Store [2], free update, 105.2 MB, release notes [3], 10.6+)