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Agen Schmitz No comments

Pages 6.1, Numbers 4.1, and Keynote 7.1 for Mac

All three iWork apps gain support for opening password-protected documents using Touch ID on the 2016 MacBook Pro. (Free with new Macs or $19.99 each, free updates)

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ClamXav 2.7.5

Updates the ClamAV antivirus engine and fixes several instances of crashes. (Free, 21.1 MB)

Josh Centers No comments

CPR for Your Dead iPhone

After waking up one morning to find that his wife’s iPhone was dead, Josh Centers stumbled across a trick to revive it.

Chris Pepper No comments

Library E-Lending Is Usable!

Three years after Michael Cohen’s original report on ebook library lending, Chris Pepper takes another look and finds that things have improved considerably.

Adam Engst No comments

Travelling to the Future, on the Internet

Blurb: Back in 1993, cyberpunk author William Gibson famously said, “The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.” That rolling prediction is constantly true, and it’s something I deal with regularly…

Josh Centers No comments

Getting Better Battery Life in Mavericks

One of the most welcome improvements in Mavericks is better battery life for laptops, the result of a variety of power-saving features. We show you how to make the most of them, and how to turn some of them off if they get in your way.

Josh Centers No comments

The 9 Best Tips for OS X 10.9 Mavericks

Bewildered by all the talk about OS X 10.9 Mavericks? We’ve sorted through Apple’s latest operating system to bring you the most useful tips.

Adam Engst No comments

Stop Microsoft Word’s Cursor from Jumping Around

Consultant Alicia Katz Pollock was called in to help a user whose cursor was jumping around inexplicably in a Microsoft Word 2011 document. The solution feels random, but should be welcome if you're suffering from a similar problem.

Josh Centers No comments

Instacast for Mac 1.0.1

Adds OS X 10.9 support and other fixes. ($19.99 new, free update, 5.6 MB)

Josh Centers No comments

Comparing GoodReader and Documents by Readdle

GoodReader and Documents by Readdle have both evolved from mere PDF viewers into full-blown file managers, a capability iOS sorely lacks. Both are powerful utilities, but which is right for you?

Michael E. Cohen No comments

Apple Plan for WWDC 2013 Registration

Every year, the mad scramble among developers gets crazier, as registrations for Apple’s developer conference sell out quickly — usually to those living in earlier time zones. Apple has a plan to change that.

Adam Engst No comments

Six Destinations for Cloud Documents

Blurb: DRAFT!!! iCloud: only for your stuff Dropbox: for stuff you share regularly with close associates Google Docs: for individual documents that might be shared with an arbitrary set of people SugarSync: for sharing folders…

Adam Engst No comments

Bookstore Lawsuit Draws Attention to DRM for Platform Lock-in

A lawsuit filed against Amazon and America’s six biggest publishers causes Adam Engst to muse about how DRM and proprietary file formats create artificial platform lock-in. And that’s not good for readers or publishers.

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Making Contact with Contacts

Contacts is much more than Grandma’s little black book, and its integration with your Mac gives it a lot of flexibility. For what it can’t do, others have picked up its slack.

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Be a Freecycle Santa

An offhand thought — giving away old electronics on Freecycle with the proviso they be used for gifts for deserving children — has made Adam feel like a virtual Santa Claus. Won’t you join him in giving away some of your unused devices like old iPods, ancient digital cameras, and obsolete game consoles?