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500 Million Yahoo Accounts Stolen

Yahoo has announced that information associated with at least 500 million user accounts has been stolen by what the company believes is a state-sponsored actor. If you have a Yahoo account, you should change your password immediately and enable two-step verification. In addition, if you use Yahoo as your primary email provider, you should change the passwords for any online account tied to your Yahoo email address, since the thieves could have used password resets to gain access to those accounts as well. More so than any other recent example, this breach shows the importance of using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass to create and enter a separate strong random password for every site.Generic Globefollow link


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Tommy Friedmann  2016-09-24 16:09
Fortunately for me yahoo is not an important account for me. I have numerous attempts on Safari, Firefox and Chrome to change the password. I use the 1PW generator and am told a 50 character password is too short or too easy to guess. Something doesn't work there
I have begun migrating away from Yahoo (over last year). I tried setting up an ATT account, but it is hooked with Yahoo, so can't separate any accounts. I have begun removing the yahoo accounts from any registration on any site.