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Walt Mossberg Signs Off

Veteran tech journalist Walt Mossberg has penned what he calls “the last weekly column I plan to write anywhere” for Recode. To wrap up his career, he looks back to his first Wall Street Journal column from 1991, which started with “Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it isn’t your fault.” 25 years later, he has updated that to: “Personal technology is usually pretty easy to use, and, if it’s not, it’s not your fault.” Mossberg laments the current lull in tech, but he’s optimistic that it’s merely a pause before reaching greater heights, to the point where computers will fade into the background of our lives.favicon follow link


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Frederick Mills  2017-05-27 15:41
I think some of what Walt refers to is just generational. When I was a little tyke, my grandmother would babysit me and she would listen to the radio (we had a TV, but she preferred the radio - this was a LONG time ago). But she didn't know how to turn the radio off, so when she went to bed, she would leave a note for my parents to turn off the radio for her. Similarly, kids now just understand personal technology and it isn't an issue as they grow up and us oldsters fade away.